Who is a Sex Therapist?

Sexuality is a very important issue for a healthy individual and a healthy family life. It is a vital activity for the continuation of our generation and for our mental health. Just as diseases such as blood pressure, heart failure, and diabetes are important health problems that require treatment, a problem we encounter regarding our sexual life needs to be treated instead of being ashamed or hidden. Many of the sexual disorders are problems that can be solved by gynecological interventions or psychotechnical methods. The important thing is to choose the right person to help you with this kind of ailment. Treating diseases related to sexual dysfunction requires a special education and work history. In order for a person to be able to provide sex therapist services, he or she must complete a bachelor’s degree in psychology, then receive a special education in the field of sex therapy and have carried out studies in this field. In this profession, the subject of experience is of great importance in terms of the functioning of therapy, as it includes sensitive and private issues and practice-oriented problem-solving methods are used. It was seen that professionals who were previously specialized in family counseling also carried out sexual therapy services under this field. However, recently, this subject has become a psychotherapy service that requires special expertise and skills, it has its own specialists and professionals.

If sexual problems do not occur due to an organic reason, as mentioned above, special specialists who have received sexual therapy training should be consulted. If the preferred counselor has the necessary competence in sexual therapy, he will not inform another person about any subject you share, unless there is a legal obligation. The principle of trust and confidentiality has become the basic rule for this professional group. In addition to being reliable, the therapist should be open-minded, impartial, flexible, and should not reflect their own values ​​during therapy. Sex therapists, also known as sexologists or sexual health specialists, do not have the authority to make physical examination, medical diagnosis, or medication advice. The client cannot be forced into a practice that he or she does not want to do, either inside or outside the therapy sessions.

During the sexual therapy process, which is progressed through couple interviews or individual interviews, the therapist works to solve the problem and provides information about sexuality. He gives advice to his clients for a healthier sexual life. In this process, the motivation and interests of the patients are also at a key point in terms of achieving the result of the treatment. For this, the therapist must be frank and patient with his patients. The ability of these applications to yield effective results is directly proportional to experience. In sexual therapy using behavioral psychotherapy methods, couples are given homework for the problem to be applied at home. In order for these exercises to be applied to give positive results or to be able to manage the situation well, the consultant must have worked with the relevant problem type many times before. In other words, “sex therapist” is a long-term journey in which different experiences will be experienced and new experiences will be obtained with each of the experiences.

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