Who is a Birth Psychologist (Doula)?

What does a birth psychologist do, how does it work?

There are psychologists in the world who work before and after birth. But unlike this, psychologists who are the first in the world to go into labor at the time of birth work in Turkey. Birth psychologist is a psychotherapist who handles birth with all its aspects and will protect the mental health of the delivery team, pregnant woman and baby. When we look at the need section, you may think how can I find a birth psychologist, how necessary, since it is a very new field. Will it be with me? If so, will he support me?You may have questions like…

Here the story begins during pregnancy. What psychologists suggest is that if possible, the woman should have worked with her own processes before becoming pregnant, but this may not always be possible. That’s why we start working with pregnant women during pregnancy. The therapies last for 3-4 sessions, and interviews are conducted with the expectant mother, father-to-be and even the grandmother. The reason for this is RNA There are intergenerational transfers that we call ‘s. So when your grandmother was pregnant with your mother, you were a small cell in your grandmother’s womb. Because women’s ovaries begin to form in the womb. What kind of pregnancy your grandmother went through also affects you. Pregnancy is a process that affects all 3 generations. The reason we met with the grandmother is to collect the records that will come from here because all those fears, anxieties and traumas tend to emerge more at the time of birth. We are trying to prevent it from being transferred to the baby by doing this study. If the doula does not meet with the doctor, she goes to a consultation with the pregnant woman, because the birth is not only about the pregnant, father and baby, but she also has to meet with them because she will support the birth team.

Then he puts all the information about that process and the family in his pocket, and uses that information for the benefit of the birth, in case of any obstruction that may occur during birth, prolongation of the birth, and cessation of the birth. Sometimes, by having small sessions, relaxation and mind field work, he intervenes in situations that stop the birth and disrupt its flow. It ensures that the maternity team leaves comfortably, peacefully and without wish.

What does a birth support (doula) do?

Literally, the person who is with the mother at birth is the person who supports her. When you remember the old births, experienced people who gave birth next to the mother would come and give them a hand and support her as if you could. There were even rituals in which women who gave birth comfortably shared their experiences with women who were going to give birth. Unfortunately, this one-on-one support is a great need and cannot be met in hospitals in these busy cities in modern birth. Here, people called doulas learn birth knowledge and non-drug relaxing techniques at birth with the training they receive. And they support families. They have no medical responsibilities. They do not interfere with anything medical. Their only goal is to support the parents one-on-one and uninterrupted throughout the birth, while respecting their birth preferences. They massage, practice breathing, sometimes use aromatherapy. Sometimes they show some positions. They are non-health people who work with midwives and doctors. It was observed that the cesarean section rates decreased when they participated in the delivery.

How to prepare for birth psychologically?

Along with the physical and mental preparations in preparation for birth, the most important preparation is psychological preparation. In fact, sometimes the psychology of the pregnant can negatively affect all physical and mental preparations. That’s why psychological preparation is so important.

Some think that preparation for birth should be during pregnancy or even close to birth. But the real preparation should begin even before pregnancy.

Ps. Asli Cagla Doner

Clinical Psychologist and Family Counselor

Private Optimed Hospital

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