Who cares about ingrown nails?

“It was very bad, I went to the emergency room, they gave antibiotics, the next day I went to general surgery, he prescribed ointment, when it did not improve, I went to the dermatologist, they directed me to orthopedics, I could not get an appointment there. Meanwhile, my neighbor said to go to plastic surgery.”

We see this kind of conversation so often. When this question is asked to Google with such bewilderment, they get a little more confused. Which doctor treats ingrown toenails?

There are several reasons for this. The structuring of the hospitals is not suitable for the solution of this problem, the physicians underestimate this ailment and they do not know enough about the procedure to be done.

Hospitals; The polyclinic is structured in the form of operating rooms and rooms for patients to sleep. When an ingrown toenail patient applies to any outpatient clinic, it is not possible for the physician to stop working and solve it in the busy outpatient clinic that day. There is an impossibility both in terms of time and place.

Due to these impossibilities, there is no concentration in a certain field of expertise, and therefore no experience is formed. The patients are dispersing.

Ingrown nail patients; Since they are also interested in other nail diseases, they should apply to dermatology-skin doctors or if an anesthesia and procedure is required, they should apply to orthopedic doctors because they are familiar with the region.

From this perspective; In my opinion, it is always the wisest way for a person who has a complaint to apply to the hospital, to find an orthopedic specialist who can also perform an operation if necessary.

Dr. Feza Koyluoglu

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