Who Are You Actually?

How Do We Know Ourselves?

In this passing time, the most important and valuable thing you have forgotten in your life is actually you. When did you spare time for yourself, when was the last time you gave up trying to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, get rid of your busy work pace or try to make your loved ones happy, when was the last time you did something for yourself?

So what is ‘taking time for yourself’? How does a person take time for himself, how does he make himself happy? What each individual does to make himself happy differs because we all have different needs. If you don’t know yourself, what you do because it will be good for me will only harm you. The way to know what is good for you, what is not good for you, what makes you happy or not, what you need or what you do not need is to know yourself. Knowing yourself is wisdom. So how do we know ourselves?

Knowing yourself is a long journey. In order to know yourself, you must observe yourself as you observe others, you must look at yourself from the outside. The question you should ask yourself the most is; “How do I feel” is the question. While doing an activity, chatting with someone, lying down, maybe just standing there, ask yourself how you are feeling and then ask what do I need. The answer to these two questions will tell you and introduce yourself. It will show you what is and isn’t good. These two questions should not be missing from your life. Because his own life is the priority are your thoughts and feelings.

Just as you need to ask questions and answers to get to know someone else, you also need to ask yourself questions to get to know yourself, that is, to chat with yourself.

To get to know yourself, you will ask yourself questions and answer them. You should answer the questions I wrote below in an environment where you are alone and feel safe.

  • What makes me happy? What do I do when I don’t understand that time is running out, I feel happy?

  • What do I dislike?

  • What are my mistakes?

  • What have I accomplished? What can I achieve?

  • What would I do if I had no fear?

  • What problems am I running away from?

  • What kind of family do I come from?

  • You slept at night and a fairy with a magic wand came to you. He waved his wand, said the magic words and destroyed all the problems in his life. What happens when you wake up in the morning?

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