Whitening Teeth with Aluminum Foil

Teeth play a very important role in a person’s appearance. In other words, it is important for a person to have beautiful, well-groomed, healthy, rot-free and unblemished teeth, leaving a good impression when viewed from the opposite side, as well as being able to speak and laugh with ease and self-confidence.

Because of all these, many people are not content with only healthy and caries-free teeth, but also resort to many ways to have more beautiful, more voluminous or smaller and whiter teeth.

As you know, it has become much easier to access information in our age compared to the past. Thanks to the internet, it is possible to reach a wide range of information on every subject we are curious about with a few keystrokes. It is possible to easily access articles, videos or shared social media posts about the subject we are curious about.

While browsing a very famous video platform recently, the following title caught my attention: “Whitening Teeth with Aluminum Foil”.

Briefly; our friend recommends mixing many kitchen materials such as baking soda, lemon and vinegar into aluminum foil and applying it on the teeth and leaving it overnight. And the number of views of the video is quite high. Well, my friend, it is not clear whether you are giving a medicine recipe or a salad dressing recipe. But when we removed the carbonate from the recipe between us, a very nice salad dressing came out….;)

Joking aside, we will of course search for information. We will investigate, but we must be careful. In other words, when the lemon we see as innocent and the baking soda we see as innocent come together and apply it to our teeth unconsciously, it can cause serious irritations on our teeth and especially on our gums, and can lead to serious ulcerations.

While you are trying to get information from the internet, research the source of the information well and consult your physician, whose knowledge, experience and honesty you trust, without any application. Otherwise, you may face very dire consequences, or at least you may have spent effort and money in vain.

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