White and Pink Aesthetics

What is gingival aesthetics?

The visual appearance of the gingival tissue surrounding the tooth is as important as the appearance of the teeth in terms of aesthetics. No matter how beautiful our teeth or how beautiful our prostheses are, insufficient gingival aesthetics will always create problems for us. In addition, we need to make these structures that form the framework of our teeth, together with the lips, as aesthetic as possible.

The most common problem is swelling, bruising, shiny and bleeding gums due to gingivitis. Here, following a good treatment to be applied by the physician, the problem will be easily solved by paying attention to the oral hygiene of the patient. With the developments in laser systems, the treatment process is accelerated and the probability of recurrence of the disease is reduced. After mechanical cleaning, the bacteria that we call pockets and cause gingival disorders can be easily cleaned from this area with laser.

Gumy smile is when the gums appear too much while smiling. By making a smile design, the excess in the gingiva is determined and the gingiva is easily brought to the desired dimensions with the laser, painlessly and almost without bleeding. Both the surgery and the postoperative period of this procedure hardly affect the social life of the patient. The active use of laser reduces bleeding during surgery and shortens the healing process.

Gingival recessions may occur due to gingivitis or aging. The biggest problem here is the black spaces between the teeth. In addition, the appearance of the teeth as elongated due to the recession of the gums negatively affects the aesthetics. In such cases, we provide the closure of these areas by adding gums to the patient. Developing surgical techniques increase the chance of success of this treatment method.

Especially in brunettes, melanin pigmentation darkens the pink color of the gingiva. After a 15-minute laser treatment, these discolorations can be easily removed.

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