Which regions are Botox application areas?

Protein obtained from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum is used in Botox application. It temporarily reduces or stops the task of the muscle in the applied area. Wrinkles formed on the skin disappear when the muscle cannot perform its contraction task.

Scope of application

– Between the eyebrows application
-Get app
-Eye edge application
-Oral circumference
-Chin application
-Neck applications
Horizontal lines near the curb or root of the tip of the nose
-The horizontal line between the lower lip and the chin
-Treatment of excessive sweating on palms, feet, face and armpits

Botox is the most frequently used application among non-surgical aesthetic applications. A local anesthetic cream is used when applying Botox. The product is injected directly into the wrinkled areas. A very small amount of Botox is applied to the area where wrinkle removal is desired with very fine needles. Since the drugs are given with very small needles, the feeling of discomfort is less. During the application, patients feel very little pain. It is an application that does not require anesthesia. After the Botox application, the person can immediately return to his social life. It is preferred in areas that work unnecessarily and cause wrinkles and cause sagging of the face. The effect of Botox starts in 2-3 days, the real result of the application is reached in about 10-15 days. During this period, you will be called to check-ups by your doctor. Since the lower face area is sensitive, botox should be done by experts.

Botox is a medicinal substance obtained from bacteria. It is also widely used in the treatment of neurological diseases. Does not puff up the face. It prevents wrinkles by only stopping the muscles. Eyebrow lift after Botox application depends on the person’s muscle structure. It depends on the strength of the forehead muscles on the muscle. When applying Botox, application to this overworked part of the forehead muscle prevents the eyebrows from rising excessively. As the treatment effect diminishes, the lines appear less clearly. Treatment effectiveness continues for about 6 months. With repeated applications, the effectiveness of the treatment can be extended. Botox application should be done by specialist physicians who have been trained in this subject.

If there are disturbing wrinkles in your face area or if you are constantly frowning involuntarily, if your forehead lines are excessively pronounced, if you have sagging on your face, you can have botox. The best results in Botox application are obtained between the ages of 25-65.

The risk of bruising is higher in those who use aspirin, vitamin C or pain relievers before Botox application. It is recommended to stop using these drugs about 1 week before deciding on treatment.

Immediately after the Botox operation, the person can return to his daily life. Rarely, bruising, swelling or redness may appear after the operation. Their transit time is quite fast. The person should not lie down and lean forward for 4 hours after the application. It has little to no side effects.

Botox; It is not applied to pregnant women, lactating women and those with various muscle diseases. Apart from this, it can be applied to anyone who is an adult. It can be intervened at an early age, especially for people who have problems with eyebrows.

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