Which foods are more important against the summer heat?

Which Foods Are More Important Against Summer Heat

Summer’s hot, active days, sunlight make your appetite and food choices different. We want ice cream instead of milk, cold tea instead of water, frying instead of vegetable food and quickly suppress hunger. But prolonged shining sunlight can cause dryness of the skin and hair, damage to the eyes and even trigger potential ailments. Take a look at which foods you should prioritize against the damage that the sun can cause.

In the heat of summer, our skin also suffers from water loss, which provides its flexibility, along with sweat. Also, the salty water of the sea or the chlorinated water of the pool force the conditions. On top of that, if you deal with mosquito bites or sunburns, the holiday becomes painful.

For DRY Skin

Foods rich in vitamin C: Small-grained fruits (strawberry, cranberry, currant, rosehip, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry), parsley or colored peppers, melon, pineapple, tomato, even half of which meet twice the daily vitamin C need, are among the seasonal options. those that come to mind.

Why should we consume these foods for dry skin?

In addition to its antioxidant properties, vitamin C also participates in the production of collagen, which strengthens the connective tissue of the skin, and fights free radicals that accelerate skin aging. It quickly repairs the skin damaged by the sun. It prevents dry skin and hair.

Water Consumption

Increase your water intake to counter the lost fluid. To avoid dehydration, men should consume approximately 15 glasses of water, and women approximately 11-12 glasses of water. (1 cup = 250 ml) You can tell whether you are drinking enough water from your daily energy, the color of your urine or the dryness of your skin. If you still have difficulty in consuming water. You can benefit from ayran, tzatziki, fruit sliced ​​cold water or mineral water. The vitamins and minerals of fruit and vegetable slices mixed with water will also make your metabolism work better.

What to consume for dry hair

Low-fat protein sources such as red meat, fish, chicken, turkey with reduced visible fat, or dry legumes such as beans and lentils that do not contain cholesterol are light protein sources suitable for summer.

Why should you consume these foods for dry hair?

When you say sunlight, sea water, pool chlorine, hair becomes brittle and dry. Hair is made up of protein networks called creatine. You can quickly try frying meatballs, thin cut turkey, chicken breast, fish fillet, shrimp, mushrooms in the toaster. Yogurt containing vitamin B5, liver containing vitamin B8 (biotin), egg yolk, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables, dried legumes. Zinc, which is abundant in red meat and fish, can reduce hair loss and make dull hair shine.

Against CRAMPS

Maybe you played volleyball on the beach, swam too much or moved too much in the hot weather in the city life and eventually sweated too much. In addition to the loss of fluid through sweat, minerals such as sodium, potassium and calcium are also lost. This causes fluctuations in the intra-body osmotic balance, leading to cramps.

What to consume against cramps

Zucchini, potatoes, dried beans, melons, bananas, lentils, grapes are high potassium source foods.

As a source of calcium, mineral water and ayran, tzatziki with cucumber, kefir and yoghurt are good options.

What to eat for EYE health Affected by Sunlight?

When you are not sufficiently protected from the sun, your eyes will be damaged by this situation. In age-related macular degeneration after the age of 55, the retina of the eye is damaged. Mainly beta carotene, zinc, vitamins C and E are important for eye health. Egg yolks, corn, chard, kale, spinach, winter squash and brussels sprouts also contain lutein, which is important for the eyes.

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