Which Covid is this Covid?

As it is known, the whole world is struggling with the Covid-19 epidemic. This issue has been on the world agenda for about 4 months. Due to the rapid spread and deaths in European countries and our country, Covid-19, which has become the main topic of the agenda and our nightmare for the last few months, the restriction of social contact and hygiene recommendations of scientists are at the center of our lives.

Yes, it seems that bad things are happening out there. People get sick, some of them get through this disease very badly and unfortunately they face the cold face of death. There are doctors who are unlucky to take the responsibility of choosing the person who will die due to the inadequacy of vital medical equipment such as intensive care beds or ventilators – there are doctors who live in despair and have to bear the traces of this conscientiousness throughout their lives. There are health workers who have to come into close contact with patients without adequate medical equipment and under inappropriate conditions, who get sick and die while trying to hold on to life, and who are exposed to the tragedy of leaving their children without a mother/father. There are mothers who have to be isolated in quarantine and have to stop breastfeeding their baby and endure being without her for 2 weeks, and babies who are deprived of their mother’s scent and warmth for 2 weeks. Many more, I guess.

Our life routine has changed a lot. Going to shopping malls freely, sitting in a cafe and sipping fragrant Turkish coffee, taking a walk by holding our lover’s hand, watching our children’s games in the parks, who bothers us at this hour when the phone rings, saying call tomorrow and keep busy, we are sure that we can find everything easily when we go to the market. To be together, to visit our parents, to hug them tightly and kiss their hands, to do sports together in the gym, to go to the match on the weekends and then who will be the champion this year. Discussing why this VAR is VAR. It seems so distant and foreign to our souls for a while, right?

Weren’t we, who find life boring and meaningless,

Weren’t we, bored of going to shopping malls and the crowd there,

Weren’t we the one who finds it unnecessary to hold our lover’s hand and take a walk when there is surfing on the internet or playing online games at home,

Didn’t we , complaining about getting tired of taking the kids to the park ,

Weren’t we, those who find the varieties in the markets less,

Weren’t we, who finds the visit of Mother and Father and their physical contact obsolete,

Weren’t we, who put football and mass sports at the top of the list that is very dirty and should be removed from our lives,

I think it was all us.

           So what has changed?

Where we look and what we see has changed.

           Why has it changed?

It must be because of the uncertainty, the unpredictability, and the security threat that limits our freedom, which our psyche does not like at all.

Our attribution and meaning to the world has changed. We started to see, we had to see and feel the dangers that we had covered, ignored, and in a way ignored. Of course, in parallel with this, we started to perceive the beauties in our lives that we are not aware of. It’s like a third eye has stepped in.

Although the dangerous aspects of the Covid-19 epidemic by scientists and the precautions and uncertain aspects to be taken by individuals / countries are clearly expressed, why;

           Some of us;

”It doesn’t work in Turkish genes”

“Virus does not infect a believer”

We take it lightly with explanations such as “He can’t do anything to me, I eat onions, garlic, every day” etc.,

Some of us;

”This is a step of capitalism made to kill the old people”

“First, they made a virus that kills over 70 years old, and next year they will make a virus epidemic that kills over 40 years old. They will remove the middle-aged and the elderly and accelerate the transition to the digital age.”

”A script written to sell a vaccine, exaggerated, no different than the flu” etc. we are more skeptical with explanations,

           Some of us;

” Everybody will die . ”

“It will be an epidemic that will last for years and it will be very bad”

‘Our country that will never get better again’

” This is just the beginning”

           Some of us;

“People are punished for what they did”

We make comments about punishment and guilt, such as “The world is very polluted and Allah punishes us with earthquakes and epidemics”.

Why doesn’t this external reality cause thoughts and feelings in the same way in each of us?

I think this is where our “uniqueness” comes into play.

Each person’s individual story is unique and unique.

This story is the story of a dough that is shaped in the hands of caregivers, who are under the influence of the society and subcultures in which they live.

Yes, bad things are happening outside, it is impossible for us not to be affected by what is happening outside. Conversely, it is impossible for the gloomy and dark sides of our inner self to not affect how we perceive and experience the evil outside. For this reason, “Covid-19” is around with all its evil, but the measure of how much inside and how much outside is different for each of us.

Do you think the evil in us came from where? I say it is necessary to ask the writers of the story of the dough or to get to know and understand their lives better.

I suggest that you look through this window when you equate the curfew, which was taken for the purpose of protecting our elderly, with the fantasies of devaluing the elderly, falling out of account, taking revenge in a way, pouring water on them, making fun of them on the street.

I suggest to look at it from this perspective, while exposing our children to a prescriptive, restraint and discourse related to the bad in the outside world (or that we reflect) under the discourse of protecting our children from Covid-19.

I hope Covid-19 will devastate Europe. While making statements such as “Let them be punished for not accepting us into the European Union”, I suggest looking from this perspective.

I think it is necessary to read Covid-19 well. Yes, he is outside, but his collaborator is also inside. What can be done about the outside is known. Or inside…

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