Where does dental health begin? When should children start brushing their teeth? Can milk teeth be treated?

Dental health starts in the womb. The mother should pay attention to her health during and after pregnancy by giving up harmful habits (such as smoking, alcohol) and regular oral hygiene, regular physician control, balanced diet and activity (such as walking, yoga, swimming) for 1 hour. Before the baby teeth come out, at the age of a few months, the gums, palate, cheeks, lips and tongue of the baby should be cleaned with sterile gauze immediately after meals. Brushing habit should be started immediately after the baby teeth erupt, finger brushes should be preferred, and then children’s brushes should be started. If milk teeth are not shaken, all kinds of treatment are done, just like permanent teeth. The early removal of these teeth with the thought that they will fall out causes many problems, even orthodontic problems.

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