When Should You Meet with Your Orthodontist?

The first orthodontic examination should be accompanied by the eruption of teeth in children. Although extensive orthodontic treatments are not performed at this age, some applications for future protection are very important.

Milk tooth treatments

Many factors such as genetic predisposition and environmental factors are important in structural disorders. First of all, the source of the problem should be determined and a treatment should be planned accordingly. For example, who seem innocent at a young age; Finger sucking, tongue thrusting, nail biting, pen biting or wrong swallowing habits can lead to serious skeletal disorders in later ages and require long and troublesome treatments. Deciduous tooth decay or premature loss of milk teeth, which are generally ignored and neglected by the society, are also one of the biggest causes of orthodontic disorders. In order to avoid such situations, orthodontic examination should be performed, necessary deciduous tooth treatments should be applied, and the patient should be checked regularly during this entire growth process.

Dental health during adolescence

Especially the period of adolescence (pubertal breakthrough) around the age of 10-14 is extremely important in terms of orthodontic treatments. Some skeletal changes that are tried to be achieved with orthodontic treatments; However, it can be done at these ages, and the desired answers cannot be obtained after adolescence. Orthodontic tooth extractions or orthognathic surgical operations may be required in order to perform similar treatments in later ages.

Early orthodontic controls and treatments are very important!

Problems that may occur in people who are under the control of an orthodontist since childhood can be prevented in the early stages with much simpler interventions. At least, many problems can be prevented and simple solutions can be created with annual controls. Many anomalies can be prevented both more economically and more effortlessly.

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