When Should I Go to a Psychologist?

The decision to go to a psychologist is a difficult one due to the situation the person is in. How will the person understand the situation that will really require a visit to a psychologist? In this article, regardless of the types of problems a person experiences, it is basically explained under which conditions he should go to a psychologist.

Problems occur in all of our lives from time to time. Having trouble is actually a natural phenomenon. They contribute to the improvement and development of our coping skills. However, what we need to pay attention to here is how much stress the problem we are experiencing causes us and how much we can overcome it. Some problems are what we call acute, temporary problems that we can overcome. Others are problems that we call chronic, that have been going on for a long time, that cause us discomfort and that we have difficulty in solving.

Before the decision to go to a psychologist is made; The person is aware that something is not going well, both from his/her environment and from his/her inner state. Solutions for the situation that does not go well are blocked. He feels that something about himself or his environment needs to change, but he does not know how to do it. If you have such thoughts, we can say that the necessary conditions for change are internally ready. This mood you are in is the best time to seek psychological support.

The main thing for the decision to get psychological support; It is a situation that makes us uncomfortable, the solutions we apply do not work, the thought that this situation should change, and we feel that we are willing to do all these even if it is difficult.

In some cases, the person may feel that they are blocked due to not being able to find a solution and that there is nothing to be done. If he thinks that he cannot make any effort to change, he can apply for psychiatrist support differently. In this case, after recovering a little with the support of a psychiatrist, he should apply to a psychologist again in order to gain the ability to solve his problems.

psychotherapy process; It is a process in which the psychologist and the client proceed step by step, in harmony and cooperation, by adjusting the number of sessions according to personal needs, and reach the result. The purpose of psychotherapy; is to gain the ability to cope with the difficulties we experience permanently. After completing the psychotherapy process, the person should have gained the ability to easily find solutions to other problems in his life.

If you are currently investigating this issue, you are probably looking for solutions to the negativities in your life and you want change. Wanting to change the things that are not right in our lives is healthy and something that develops us. No problem is unsolvable and it’s never too late for anything.

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