When should couples apply to a doctor?

Is there anyone who needs to consult the doctor before?

Infertility despite a year of regular and unprotected intercourse

is defined as the inability to become pregnant. in this case if

if pregnancy has not been achieved for one year or more

An evaluation for infertility is needed.

However, if the woman’s age is 30 or over, a 6-month

If there is still no pregnancy after unprotected intercourse, consult a doctor.

should head. Also, if there is menstrual irregularity, which is

may indicate a problem with ovulation or if the man has a known problem

Again, a doctor should be consulted without waiting for a year. This is an attempt to achieve pregnancy.

one should never worry about anything during the year period. Because there are about 7 couples in the society.

This situation is seen in one of them, and today there is a very advanced technology in the treatment of infertility.

and pregnancy is achieved in a significant part of the cases.

In which case should men go to the doctor before a year?

Male infertility rarely causes symptoms. To perform a full assessment of Male Infertility

It should be asked if there is any discharge, difficulty in urination and burning, and with a complete urinalysis, at least

It is necessary to do 2 sperm analysis. With a physical examination by a urologist

pathologies of the genital organs are revealed. If there are risk factors; eg bilateral

cryptorchidism (bilateral undescended testis), if the female age is older than 35, if the double male partner

Men should also go to the doctor as soon as possible if they question their fertility potential. Moreover

who are undergoing or have undergone chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment, during adolescence

have had mumps, have diabetes, or have been diagnosed with varicocele, or have

Men who have had an operation should go to the doctor immediately after marriage.

Should men or women go to the doctor first?

First of all, the man should go to the doctor. Because the tests to be done on men are both easy and numerical.

less and less costly.

What kind of questions do you ask the couple who applied to you with the complaint of not having children?

First of all, age, menstrual pattern, presence of groin pain, abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge,

It is asked whether there is any previous inflammatory diseases and diseases of other systems.

Whether she has ever been pregnant before, how did it result if she did, whether she had a miscarriage or not,

whether he had surgery and whether he used any birth control method

is asked. A trauma or illness that may have previously damaged the patient’s partner in the genital area

or undergoing surgery, infections, any medication use, a medical

discomfort and, if any, whether a pregnancy has been obtained from another woman before.

Also, how long they have not been protected and how often they have intercourse and the relationship

It is also among the questions whether lubricant creams are used during the operation. in the family

Congenital abnormalities should be asked. Infertility, still no treatment

whether it is an allergic disease, occupation, smoking-alcohol use, milk coming from the breasts.

not coming back, hair growth and pain during sexual intercourse are among the questions asked. The patient’s

Weight must also be recorded.

Does the choice of profession have an effect on infertility?

It is known that some professions pave the way for infertility. Those who work in baths and saunas,

Doner kebab masters, oven and mine workers and long-distance drivers, ceramic and glass business

high percentage of chemicals like this, working in the paint job where thinner is used.

Decreases in the amount and quality of sperm are detected in those who inhale the substance. Moreover

Infertility rates are also observed in occupations that are tiring and have a high stress coefficient, such as policing.

is rising.

Which specialist should couples without children consult?

General obstetricians and gynecologists can make an initial assessment or discuss infertility.

You can go to a specialized gynecologist. The important thing here is to trust and

The patient chooses a physician he/she feels comfortable with. However, if the patient wants to go to the doctor

via the internet, which is now possible to connect to your resume from almost anywhere.

reaching out and examining his areas of interest and the work he has done so far.

should give.

What are the first tests done to couples who apply to the doctor?

Initial diagnostic tests are inexpensive and inexpensive to find the cause of infertility.

examinations that do not harm the patient. Here the patient’s wishes, age, duration of infertility, medical

history and physical and gynecological examination are taken into account and

female internal genitalia are evaluated. First of all, three to five days of sexual abstinence from the male

followed by a sperm analysis. Then information about the woman’s ovulation function

Hormone analysis is done by taking blood on the third day of menstruation. 2 days after the period ends

Then check whether the tubes that allow the egg and sperm to come together are open.

A movie is shot showing it. This process is done by giving a dyed substance from the cervix.

After these initial examinations, a preliminary assessment is made about the patient and further

Deciding whether testing is necessary. These are the pituitary gland located in the brain, neck

Examination of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands in the region or laparoscopy and

examinations such as observation of the intra-abdominal and intra-uterine cavity with hysteroscopy.

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