When Should Athletes Work With A Psychologist?

Almost all top elite athletes, whether individual or team sports, work with a psychologist to get to know themselves better.

He can also make this move in order to raise his performance to a higher level, to stand out from the others and to overcome the racing situation.

Whether you are an elite, amateur athlete, or someone who likes exercise, you can get professional support even if you do not have a special problem. Do not forget that this way you can accelerate your development and stability…

Well, can I get support only on my sports performance?
No. You can talk about anything that affects your performance (family, friends, school/work, lover/spouse, etc.).

By learning to carry the skills and experiences you have acquired to other areas of your life.

You can follow a healthier attitude in your personal life and in interpersonal relationships.

Do not forget to learn about the diploma and specialization of the psychologist you have reached.

What is sport and exercise psychology?

It is a discipline that aims to scientifically study people and human behaviors in sports and exercise activities and to transfer the obtained knowledge to the field of application. Sports and exercise psychologists define the principles and guidelines that help adults and children participate in sports activities and help the individual benefit from these activities. Most of those who work in sports and exercise psychology set out for two purposes;

  • Understanding how and how psychological factors affect an individual’s physical performance (How does anxiety affect a basketball player’s free throw stats? or Does lack of self-confidence affect a child’s ability to learn to swim?)

  • To understand how participation in sports and exercise activities affects an individual’s psychological development, mental health and integrity. (Does running reduce anxiety and depression? or Does participation in sports at the university level strengthen personality development?)

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