When looking for your doctor


1- If possible, try to consult the issues you want to consult by calling your doctor while he is at the clinic. If the subject expresses a general problem, even the clinical nurse or secretary can satisfy you with the information she will give.

If your doctor is too busy to answer the phone, the assistant health personnel will take notes and ensure that you see your doctor as soon as possible, depending on your urgency. Your doctor will also be able to examine your file in the clinic and will be able to give you a more informed and most satisfactory answer.

2- When you call on the phone, whether it is during working hours or later, start your conversation by giving this information;

Do not forget to provide information such as your name and surname, when you were last examined, which month of pregnancy you were in, when your complaint started and how it progressed, how many degrees it was if there was a fever, and the first measures you took.

Clear and clear definitions will accelerate your doctor’s decision for your diagnosis and treatment.

3- If possible, talk to your doctor yourself. The third person’s attempt to convey your problems will complicate the solution.

4- Always keep paper and pen with the phone. If you are in a panic, you may misremember what the doctor said. Taking notes will prevent misunderstandings later.

5- Your doctor has given you a pager and mobile phone number for you to reach in every emergency. In any emergency regarding your health, call your doctor. Take care to call your doctor at night only in case of emergency. Do not forget that your doctor also needs rest.


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