*what’s my problem?


*I’ve only been dating that guy for three weeks, and I’m already starting to think desperately about whether he sees me as attractive, if he’ll call, if he’d like to see me again. As soon as my delusions about not being good enough begin, I know that the prophecy of what you fear will happen to you will happen and I will lose another love and lose another chance of a relationship!

*What’s my problem?

I am a very successful, career, handsome man. I have so much to give. I’ve dated a few great women, but inevitably, within a week or two, I’m starting to feel trapped. I don’t think I can find the person he wants anymore.

*My wife and I have been married for years, yet I feel very lonely. He wouldn’t talk to me about his feelings anyway. And everything is getting much worse. Every night uncomfortable, unhappy, tired. He either sleeps early or watches his TV series. There is nothing left to hold us together. Maybe it would be better if I was alone too.

Yes, my dear readers

These and similar sentences sound familiar. A friend, a relative, maybe you thought so too. Each of these problems is more painful than the other. Unfinished, losing loved ones for someone who doesn’t love, guilt, worthlessness, abandonment, fear of losing, etc. The resurrection of the emotions felt by all our deep-seated nightmares… An endless pain, one with dying…

Sometimes life shakes people violently like these, everything you throw into them is shaken. Like a stone thrown into the water, it spreads…

It’s enough! If you say I’m tired of being sad. Then you can start by seeing what you have gained and what you have lost. Like profit and loss. You should sit down and start accounting for your life as soon as possible.

Compare the memories you have lived with the memories you want to live. Investigate ways to balance the profit-loss gap between your life and your experiences.

A person is most mistaken in love. Love is blind… It turns off the heart’s desire to be happy, the mind’s thinking and decision-making abilities. This can lead the person in love to make mistakes. However, overlapping mistakes inflict deep wounds on the individual and leave scars. For example, one day you love someone, more importantly, you trust them and think that you are like yourself. It may be true to be yourself. But his wounds are like yours. So, my dear friend, how can a person with the same wound heal the other? Had he known, he would not have been injured.

That’s why don’t love someone more than yourself, don’t trust or show that you love and trust a lot, never think like yourself. Don’t forget ! ” I am always with you.” You will watch those who say go away without even looking back. Be you, don’t love anyone but yourself!

Falling in love with a woman/man does not mean respecting, valuing, or having to put up with her negative behaviors. Nor is it to let it break you down and wait for it to win you over. These are torture, not love. Just as you are ashamed to raise your voice to the person you love, so as not to upset him, if that person is in love with you, he should show you his love as you treat him.

Do you want to be happy?

Then please don’t be the eye of the blind, the ear of the deaf, the tongue of the dumb, the stop of the one who leaves you!

If he’s in love with you for better or for worse, don’t be afraid to be by your side. If you don’t want a woman/man to make mistakes with you all the time, don’t be afraid to draw your boundaries and show your red lines. You will not hesitate to hold your point in your hand and use it when appropriate. It’s the law of nature! A winter passes, and spring comes with flowers blooming. Don’t forget that you have seasons in your heart! Never ever be destroyed! Because people who want to destroy you but can’t, will bow down in your reputation one day.

Be patient! You will reap what you sow in every human guinea. Please remember that life has knitted a beautiful destiny for you!

Hope you stay happy with love, see you next time in my article…

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