What you feel as depression may not be “depression”

Depression isn’t just about “being sad, feeling unhappy” . If we feel a little unhappy and reluctant during the day, automatic sentences such as “I think I’m depressed” come out of our mouths. Every time we suffer, feel tired, break up with our lover, the phrase “I’m depressed” has become a buzzword in our language. As such, “being depressed” is perceived as a very simple disease. However, the situation is not that simple. Clinical depression is very different from the normal state of sadness. First, let’s take a look at the symptoms of mood disorder, which we call clinical depression. The most common depression symptoms are;

Increase / decrease in weight


feeling of helplessness


feeling of emptiness

Anger and restlessness

severe sense of guilt

Decreased desire for activities of daily living

Changes in sleep patterns

Physical pain whose cause cannot be determined

Difficulty concentrating

lack of energy

Loss of sexual desire

Are the things that have changed limited to these only? Of course no. “Depression” affects many situations from our pain threshold to the weakening of our memory and the way we think. It should be noted that the symptoms and intensity of depression differ from person to person. The short duration of the above-mentioned symptoms is not an indicator of depression. For depression, there must be symptoms that persist for weeks to months. For the diagnosis of depression, it is not enough to meet the above criteria. For the diagnosis of depression, it is a disease whose diagnosis is confirmed after a series of psychiatric and medical examinations. THINGS TO BE CONSIDERED Depression is not a disease that can be diagnosed with online scales defined as “test if you are depressed” on the internet. There are many people who have been diagnosed with depression with these tests and are traveling. Don’t be one of them. Remember that only experts in the field can make a diagnosis. EXPERIENCED SITUATIONS LIKE DEPRESSION SYMPTOMS It should be noted that not every depression symptom can open the door to depression. Every loss experienced includes a “mourning” process. Sadness, disappointments, helplessness, anger are normal reactions and emotions to the law. It is not a sign of depression. Chronic diseases can produce or cause conditions similar to the symptoms of depression. Before diagnosis, it should be investigated whether there are organic disorders. eg; Conditions such as thyroid disorders, chronic pain, substance use, diabetes, sleep disorders, hypertension and hypotension can be confused with depression. The depressive mood caused by the challenging conditions we encounter in daily life (leaving work, economic conditions, etc.) does not indicate that you are depressed. Depression becomes chronic when left untreated. Therefore, if you feel suffocated in a series of symptoms I have listed above, you should definitely get support from a specialist for DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS and determine together what the problem is. Do not diagnose alone.

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