What to watch out for in the pandemic

The pandemic process in our country has forced everyone to change their lifestyle, everyone has to change their daily life routine and create a new routine, the most important of these has been various restrictions. people had to live inactive. Everyone has to spend most of the day inactive at home.

This necessity caused the emergence of various physical problems in the body of the person. caused.

In this period, individuals often emphasize the importance of doing appropriate exercise and eating programs to keep themselves fit in order to protect their own health. For this, professional support can be obtained or he can do something suitable for his own life. We have some recommendations that we want our patients to do while they are at home. If we examine these recommendations part by part;

First of all, if we consider the neck region, neck hernia is a serious problem in our society. Neck flattening in general, neck hernia is seen in almost everyone, the biggest reasons of these are sedentary life, staying in a fixed position for a long time, that is, looking at a fixed computer, watching a fixed TV, phone, tablet or There are reasons such as staying in a study position for a long time. Due to the pandemic, everyone can not exercise because they are at home, but spending time with a computer, mobile phone and tablet for a long time also stays in a fixed position. and some measures and exercises that can be done to prevent them from causing flattening will reduce our risk of developing these ailments.

It is important for our neck health, especially as a precaution, not to stay in a fixed position too much, to adjust our sitting style in accordance with the anatomy of our body, not to have our head too far forward or too low, or to watch something while lying down, supporting it from the back, that is, sitting at 40 degrees. We will protect your health. These exercises are simple stretching, pushing and stabilizing exercises that we can easily reach anywhere and that we can easily do at home, it will be very effective for us if we can complete the exercises by doing them regularly and by doing 10 repetitions of each exercise and waiting for 5 seconds while doing each exercise. In addition, a simple but effective exercise program can be created with the help of a towel or with exercise elastics available on the market.

Another issue is that our back health is very important in our back health, just like our neck health. In our society, many people have various problems such as herniated disc, lumbar slip or canal narrowing, the main reason for this is sedentary life, gaining too much weight, losing flexibility, losing muscle strength and standing in the wrong positions. In this period, due to our increased eating habits and far from exercise, the load on our waist is increasing, our waist muscles are getting weaker and as a result, low back pain or herniated disc or any back problem is inevitable. We can regain our health with protection and exercise methods in the waist, as in the neck not to sit, not to sit by slouching, to sit with support on our waist, to take something from the ground by giving weight to our knee, and to do waist exercises and abdominal exercises for half an hour daily will protect our back health.

Another issue is knee problems, as the load on our knees will increase due to weight gain due to sedentary life, staying still for a long time and changing our eating habits, and as a result, when the load on the knee joint is too much for us to carry, various pains may occur in the knee, such as meniscus tears, ligament injuries. Various knee problems can occur. In the same way, we can save our knee from such problems by paying attention to eating habits and doing regular exercise, without sitting on our knees too much and without climbing too many stairs, by increasing the muscle strength of our knee.

Let’s not forget that it is not clear how long this epidemic will continue, we have to take our own precautions. Until this epidemic is over, we need to take care of ourselves and get through this process with the least damage. At this point, we will try to get through this process with the least damage by giving the best support we can to our patients and acquaintances. In this process, let’s take care to protect our health by exercising consciously by not gaining weight by exercising and by paying attention to positions such as sitting up and lying down.

Let’s not forget that health comes first.

Hope to see you in healthy days…

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