What to do with children at home with the school holidays during the epidemic period?

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to restrict the lives of children as well as adults, day by day. With the return of education in schools to distance education due to the coronavirus, the danger of the situation for children has decreased a little more. With the increase in the time spent at home, the children started to get bored from staying at home from time to time. It is important that children keep the school in their centre, as their schools are still continuing as distance education. They should continue their study routines without disturbing their school order. After completing their school routine, a plan can be made about how they will spend their days at home. For this, parents can prepare a list. Of course, while preparing this list, attention should be paid to include things that your child’s age group can do. First of all, regardless of the age group, the time to be spent in front of the mobile phone, tablet, computer, television should be limited, it should be used in a certain time period. Your child may not realize that this time is up, but parents check this time and when the time comes, it will be TV etc. and show the children that the plan is being acted upon. Various puzzles can be bought according to the age of your child and your child can do these puzzles alone or the whole family can do it together. If your child is interested in puzzles, model games can also be purchased. All of these will allow your child to spend quality time at home in this process and increase their creative thinking skills. In addition, you can give him minor and age-appropriate responsibilities at home. Considering his age, for example; He can be given responsibilities or activities that are appropriate for his age, such as tidying his room, folding his clothes and placing them in his closet, helping to set the table, trying easy recipes in the kitchen. Again, in this process, games can be played with the whole family. Group games can be preferred (eg taboo etc.). Coloring hours can be arranged especially with children whose age group is a little younger. Doing this with parents will be more enjoyable for children. Finally, we should definitely include reading books in the plan, but it is important that the readings are done with the parents. Especially for children who do not like to read books, it will be more effective for children to spend reading hours with their parents, and if parents read a book with their child.

It will be both more enjoyable and instructive for children to do what can be done with the family among the activities we have planned, together with all family members. In this process, we should neither let the children loose at home and put them in a holiday mood, nor should we keep them under strict control by checking them every minute.

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