What to Do Before Getting Psychological Help?

Considering seeking psychological help is a critical and important choice in itself. that appointment

As soon as it is decided to buy, many things are decided with it. help

Decide that you need help or need help with your situation.

You’ve already given it, even accepting it is part of the therapeutic process and is more

It shows that you started getting help without making an appointment with a mental health professional. Likewise,

yourself to your situation as effectively as you want and alone

He suggested that you could not manage, that you would be stuck if it went on like this.

You have informed yourself of your decision to overcome your problems and look ahead.

As it can be understood, this process is done by talking to yourself first, by having your inner conversation with someone.

It starts with you wanting to share, the sides you haven’t heard for a long time, the problems you’ve glossed over.

they are shouting now and you have to listen to them; and one more of them, you trust

You’re starting to want someone to hear.

As a mental health professional, I can tell you from the very first appointment phone call.

even when cleared, the person on the other side of the line suddenly undergoes a change. basically

this is the result of his intention to change, that is, to provide the change he wants, the results he wants.

to make; He has taken the first step to put aside what he does not want. It is now easier and

He breathes easily, as much as hoping for something to do for himself, just for himself.

I sense from his voice that the pleasure of starting overtakes him; Although he does not make such a sentence himself

it’s almost as if “I have now taken the most important step for the rest of my life”

my client.

So what will come after this first step? Not to feel wasted, not to be broken,

How will it be possible not to give up and maintain this determination? But more importantly, this is the first and

Before taking the most important step, what should be considered, what should be reviewed?

Think about what you want and expect from the counseling process.

As with anything, reflecting on expectations in the counseling process

It is important that this request for help may well be related to a lack of expectation or reluctance. For example,

focused on an event in your past that you still feel the effects of

you can be; You see yourself as inadequate in social relations and improve your communication skills.

you may want; even just to talk and see where it will lead in the process.

You may also want to see.

Something as important as your expectations and wishes from the counseling process is the process.

with the new problems you will encounter, the obstacles you face in order to reach your expectations.

your challenge will require a lot of work and effort, and sometimes even deeper

The underlying “real” problem will be something you will notice in the process. At the same appointment

If you are sure or not sure that you can persevere in the first decision you make, it also affects the process.

in any case, your feelings, expectations and actions, step by step

Your decisions will shape this process.

Do some research.

Psychological counselors and therapists in your region, district or province

search; both to see how you will shape your first decision and to see how

It is important in terms of shaping that you will want to get help from an expert.

If you do not hesitate to ask, ask your close circle of an expert they can recommend to you.

Asking if it’s not might also be an option. At this stage, you may encounter a different obstacle,

those with experience who have concluded that mental health services are useless

you may have to listen to their experiences, those who are suddenly worried about you

The task of calming may be upon you, or you may be faced with pitying glances.

possible. Or as a result, you just ask the expert advice you want.

One of your relatives can give it to you. These are just the things you might encounter.

There are some, and it’s important to be ready for them too. Or stop taking advice from someone,

You may prefer to call and find the expert you will only get help from yourself.

After you find your therapist, you can ask for other details if you wish and/or

You can research. If you don’t want to go too far, find someone closer to you.

As you can choose, being on the road before your appointments in the process relaxes you.

and it is possible that you realize that it is good for you before your meetings. if

If you have a car and you will go to interviews with it, you can park your car nearby.

Finding out if there are places can also take you through the stress of finding a parking spot every time you go.

It will keep you from living. The next step in your research is the office you’re going to for therapy and

The therapist may have working hours, a person who works hours that you can fit on your own schedule.

Working with a therapist may be more suitable for you than the job you do. These are all general

During the therapy process, confusions related to both time and space and instant stress

The things you can focus on so that these factors do not negatively affect your therapy process,

If you think that physical and temporal conditions will not affect you in a way or

if you are sure that it will not be affected by your circumstances; well with these details

It is also possible that you choose not to be involved.

Review and/or rearrange your budget.

Your expenses, income and expenses, together with the expenditure you will make on the therapy process,

review. Psychological counseling and psychotherapy will cost you per session,

If you have to postpone or skip your sessions for financial reasons,

It will be a factor that gets in the way of the benefit you can get. From this point of view, make your first appointment.

take into account that the psychological help service you will receive will be in your budget for a while.

add it.

Prepare your questions before you call for your first appointment.

You can also take notes according to your preference; address, name, phone number, appointment

It may also be good to have a pen and paper handy to jot down details such as the clock.

Ask the mental health professional you are calling for an appointment, how they work, how long the sessions are.

the therapist’s license and

Feel free to ask for details such as their graduation. Last minute appointments

what to do when it comes to cancellations, when the weather is very bad – for example, a lot of rain

When it rains, what is the way of postponing an appointment in cases such as death and accident?

As will be followed, it will be beneficial for you to learn the office procedures and will be integrated into the process.

will make it easier for you.

After all this, you made your appointment and your therapy process started. From your therapy process

to get maximum efficiency, to state your requests, to share your feelings.

Do not hesitate (“I started to have difficulties in this matter, what can I do after this stage?” etc.)

You can only receive what you give yourself to the psychological counseling process, this is always

time is not easy. It requires your mental effort, your insight, time and

it requires persistence of your willingness to put in the effort and many other personal things. However, most

You have passed the important stage and now make an appointment if you think you need it.

you are ready to receive.

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