What size should the mass be removed?

AD 42 years old.

A solid mass of 20 mm in size was found during the breast cancer screening performed at the request of her gynecologist. radiologist “absolutely well mannered” and did not make any recommendations. If a gynecologist your radiologistnot content with his report, M.S. surgerydirected.

The surgeon M.S went to, “It is necessary to biopsy 20 mm and larger masses”He suggested a biopsy and added: “The mass cannot be felt. Go to radiology; by seeing them fine needle biopsylet them do”.

FACT 1.Regardless of the size (!) of the radiologist audience “benign”If he says that the diagnosis is reliable, biopsy is unnecessary, don’t do it!

FACT 2.Regardless of size, most surgeons they can feel remember that they tend to remove the masses surgically (by cutting them under local or general anaesthesia)! The only reason why the patient I gave an example above was sent to a radiologist for biopsy was that the surgeon could not palpate the mass. However, palpable or not, every breast biopsy can and should be done by radiologists with adequate training in breast radiology ( radiological biopsy ). Surgeon only “treatment”go for, “diagnosis” not for! The person who should tell you if you need breast treatment “specialist in breast radiology”is a radiologist.

FACT 3. A satisfactory diagnosis cannot be made with fine needle biopsy (FNAB)! When the radiologist is content to act as the adjutant of other physicians and do what is asked of him, it is usually inevitable to perform a surgical biopsy after FNAB! Unfortunately, our healthcare system encourages unnecessary breast surgeries!

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