What should we pay attention to when we come to sweat test preparation?

The diagnosis of cystic fibrosis is made by measuring the chlorine concentration in sweat. This new method is also applied in our clinic (we measure with the Caulumetric end point method)

The sweat test should be done in experienced hands.

What should be considered during the preparation of the patient for the sweat test?

should have been washed the day before

The patient should come with a full stomach and his fluid needs met.

The patient should not have any fluid loss (dry mouth, low tears, low urine output, signs of fluid loss in the skin), you can discuss this situation with your doctor.

The patient should not have an advanced (-acute) disease at the time of the test. Should not be taking mineralocorticoid medication

1f6071f607The sweat test should not be performed on areas with wounds, blood and intercellular fluid flow.

1f3881f3881f388head, forehead should not be made of body

1f449may give false positive results in patients receiving intensive care support and in patients with malnutrition.1f44d

1f49c1f49c In addition, chlorine and electrolytes in sweat may temporarily increase in the first 24-48 hours after birth. If the sweat test is high during this period, the test should be repeated afterwards.

1f6071f607It should be noted that the sweat test may also be positive in some diseases other than cystic fibrosis.

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