What should we do with the children at home during the quarantine period?

Due to the pandemic, most of us have been at home for a while, and this period may be longer. Therefore, in this process, questions such as what to do with the children, what to play with keep swirling in the minds of most parents. Before we move on to the game suggestions, the most important thing is not how many games we play during the day, or even what we play; I really want to remind you that we play games or spend time by being there spiritually and physically. It is necessary to know that children can understand this very easily if we are constantly thinking about cleaning, cooking or worrying while playing and if we are playing just to pass the time. Indeed, even the only 30 minutes we play with our minds on our child is much more valuable than the 3 hours we play when our minds are not there.

So what can we play?

I recommend that you prefer games where you look at each other and touch each other more. What could these be?

  • Applying cream to each other: You can apply cream to your hands by looking into your child’s eyes frequently. While applying the cream, take care of the child’s moles, spots and wounds, if any. ‘This is me for you, only you have it, how small it is…’ or ‘Let’s look at your wounds, does it hurt, is it good to apply cream?’ as. Your child can also drive it to you if he wants to.

  • Slide: After applying the cream, your hands will be slippery, if necessary, you can add cream. You can sit across from each other and hold hands and guess who will slide first. Don’t forget to look eye to eye.

  • You can play Jenga. You can write questions about each other on Jenga boards. (What is your favorite game, where do you want to go most, what is your biggest dream…). Anyone can answer the questions on the boards they drew while playing jenga.

  • Guess: After sitting across from each other, you can hold an animal or an item in your mind. Your child can try to guess what you have in mind by asking questions. (How many legs does it have, does it have a tail, what does it do…)

  • Straw Ball: After making small balls from cotton, blow the balls against each other with straws while sitting or lying down. You can create a goal and try to score a goal, or you can set a certain time and count who has more balls in front of them at the end of that time.

  • Story completion: You can tell a story or read a book and write the rest together after a certain point. If you want, you can even create a book by drawing their pictures.

  • Creating a story from photos: You can create a story about the events you experienced that day by choosing a few of your old photos, this story can be about the events you really experienced, or it can be completely based on your imagination.

  • Taboo: If there is a taboo in your house, you can play, if not, you can create a simple taboo according to the age of the child.

  • Word jar: Write as many words as you want on small pieces of paper and mix them. You can non-verbally tell the words that come out of the paper one by one, or you can choose 3-4 words and try to create a story with them.

  • Doing sports or yoga together: Exercise both reduces anxiety and allows you to have a pleasant time together. You can easily find exercises that are suitable for you on the internet.

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