What should we do to prevent our child from being affected by violence?

We are all going through difficult and painful days. We all witness some traumatic events, but apart from us, our children, who we need to be very careful about, also experience this process with us. In these difficult days, I wanted to write about how we will protect our children so that we can survive the tram with the least damage.

The priority should be protection from trauma.

The accounts of our children who use television, computer and especially social media should be checked. You can see what they watched and what images they witnessed. We all know that very young children now have social media accounts. The security settings of these children’s social media accounts should be checked, and if necessary, their accounts can be closed for certain periods.

Secondly, the environment where they can easily receive violent messages is the dialogue between adults. Conversations that are very frightening and contain catastrophic scenarios should be avoided. Even if kids don’t seem like they’re listening, their ears can also be what adults say. According to the developmental level of children, misconceptions can be made beyond what is meant in these conversations, care should be taken.

If they have experienced or witnessed the trauma directly;

It should be tried to understand the violence of the child and the message he receives from violence, what he feels and what he thinks. It should be tried to talk about how the trauma is interpreted in the child’s mind and what it means, without forcing it.

If they cannot express;

Especially young children may sometimes not be able to express their feelings with words. In such cases, it can be tried to learn how they give meaning to events by paying attention to their behaviors and reactions. Sometimes, behaviors such as avoiding sounds and images, changes in sleep and appetite, or not doing things that they always enjoy can show the effects of trauma on the child.

Talking about trauma should not be avoided.

It is difficult to talk about bad events, especially traumas, with our children, and families may avoid talking about the events because of the anxiety that the child may be affected, but this attitude can increase the child’s level of influence. Communicating with the child in a language they can understand, understanding their feelings and making realistic explanations can help them feel better.

Children should not be deceived…

It is risky to try to make it look better than it is to present things as if they were a game. When he learns what is going on from other sources, it can shake the child’s trust in the family. for this reason, explanations that can be understood without exaggeration should be made.

If advanced symptoms occur, professional help should be sought.

  • Sleep and appetite changes
  • scary dreams,
  • nervousness, irritability
  • state of being alert,
  • I am a thoughtful and anxious mood,
  • avoidance behaviors
  • If symptoms such as excessive devotion to parents occur, help from a mental health professional should be sought.

Stay well..

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