What Should We Do in Dessert Crises?

First of all, we need to know why we are experiencing a sweet crisis. Is this crisis due to a metabolic state, hunger or an emotional state? Irregular and unbalanced diet and long-term hunger during the day cause fluctuations in blood sugar and the body may turn to sugary and unhealthy foods to raise blood sugar. The best way to get rid of this situation where the insulin hormone is secreted unbalanced is to adopt a healthy diet.

But if this is happening all the time and if you are overweight and at the same time have a lot of fat around the abdomen, there may be a disorder in your insulin and glucose metabolism. Therefore, it is necessary to establish an appropriate diet by making necessary medical evaluations.

To prevent sweet crises due to irregular blood sugar regulation; Especially if you do not have snacks during the day, you should choose meals consisting of healthy options. You should include foods consisting of complex carbohydrates, not foods consisting of simple carbohydrates in your meals. For example, consuming whole wheat flour or rye bread instead of white bread, or consuming bulgur pilaf instead of rice pilaf. In addition, since complex carbohydrates are richer in fiber than simple carbohydrates, they are effective in increasing the feeling of satiety by staying in the stomach for a longer time. At the same time, adding vegetable and animal protein sources to your diet is beneficial in terms of increasing your satiety time. As an example of vegetable proteins, we can give legumes as an example. Attention should be paid to the consumption of chickpeas, beans, kidney beans, lentils at least twice a week. You should not forget to include vegetables and fruits in your diet. In particular, you should take care to consume the fruit itself, not the juice. Consumption of olive oil and oilseeds such as walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds, which are among the healthy fats in your diet, should be added to the diet as they play a very active role in increasing the satiety period. Finally, attention should be paid to your fluid intake and to ensure that your body does not become dehydrated during the day. Sometimes you can feel hungry even when you are thirsty. Therefore, you should take care to drink at least two liters of water daily.

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