What Should New Students Be Considered When Choosing The Psychology Department?

One of the most preferred departments during the transition period to university is Psychology. In order to make the ideas of candidates considering choosing psychology a little easier, I have discussed a few things you need to know about the Psychology department.

First of all, the psychology department is a very broad discipline. It studies the human mind and behavior. Psychology; It has a multi-layered structure that includes many branches of science such as biology, neuroscience, epigenetics and sociology. It has sub-branches of clinical psychology, social psychology, forensic psychology, experimental psychology, developmental psychology, industrial and organizational psychology and continues to develop with the advancement of science and technology.

The psychology department is completed with a 4-year undergraduate education in various faculties of universities (faculty of science and literature, faculty of human and social sciences, etc.). Psychology undergraduate education includes courses for acquiring knowledge and skills for basic scientific research, compulsory field courses, applied courses and elective courses, in which general information is available from the sub-branches of psychology that I have just listed above. Since undergraduate education provides general information about the science of psychology, it would be best to do a master’s degree in the field you want to specialize in after graduation. In addition to the undergraduate education course content, voluntary/compulsory internships that you will do during the undergraduate period are also very important for your education life in order to see how the profession works and to discover which field is closer to you. Even if you do not want to specialize and do a master’s degree, you have many options for working. You can also consider options such as kindergartens, special education centers, psychotechnical centers or government institutions.

Most of the important resources today are written in English or translated into English. Since the psychology department requires a lot of reading, studying in English will enable you to learn academic terms, access more resources, stand out in the private sector, and will make it easier for you if you are considering a master’s, doctorate or study abroad. Of course, for all these you need to have a good level of English, otherwise the lessons will be very difficult for you. Studying the department in Turkish can make you understand the lessons much better.

The difference between a Psychologist-Psychological Counselor-Psychiatrist can be confused. Psychologists are specialists who can administer a variety of tests and are trained to perform psychological assessment and therapy. Psychological counselors, on the other hand, are trained to provide education and counseling services, and their field of work is different from psychologists. Psychiatrists, on the other hand, are people with medical training and are interested in the medical aspect of the job.

Although psychology is seen as a verbal department, it also includes numerical courses such as mathematics and statistics. Still, we agree that it’s a verbal-heavy part. As a result of being a verbal-oriented department, it is necessary to read a lot. In order to develop in the profession, we must be open to innovation, change and being able to be shaped, therefore books should be our sine qua non. It is very important to follow the articles and researches in the literature in order to keep yourself up to date in the field.

It is also useful to research the curriculum, lecturers and academics of the school you will choose. Is it a research-based school? Is it a school that can provide internship opportunities that can provide experience in the field? Or is it a school that proceeds with theoretical analysis? Does your curriculum include specific courses such as family psychology, child psychology, psychopathology? Are there any practical classes? Is the number of lecturers sufficient for the number of students? What are the areas that lecturers and academics specialize in, and are they diverse? It is important that you find answers to questions such as these and do a good research. In order to get to know the field, you can attend the promotion days of many universities and get information about the school you want to go to. Which university you choose and what kind of education you get will be beneficial for you to carry your potential to the future.

There is no good part, no bad part, no good or less profitable part. The more you love a job, the more successful and happy you will be at that job. So please write only the part that is in your heart, not the part that you think is highly rated or well paid.

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