What Should I Eat in Orthodontic Treatment?

Some rules apply during the fixed orthodontic treatment, which has been applied for a long time. Apparatuses (such as brackets, bands and wires) applied to the mouth by the orthodontist can be damaged and broken if certain foods are consumed.

These foods are usually those that are hard or contain a hard core. For example, if foods such as olives and plums are to be consumed, the seeds must be removed and eaten. When snacks such as hazelnuts, peanuts or almonds are to be eaten, they should be crushed a little to make them softer.

As for fruits, fruits such as apples and pears should be cut with a knife and eaten. This type of fruit that we take in our hands and eat by biting can also cause the wires to break.

Trying to bite into a bagel or a crusty bread will give the same result, so it would be right to consume these types of foods by cutting or tearing them in small pieces.

In terms of beverages, all kinds of acidic beverages, especially soda-type beverages, should not be used during orthodontic treatment. There is no problem in consuming fruit juices, ayran or hot drinks.

In addition, chewing gum is unfortunately on the list of prohibitions during braces treatment.

The hard grains in the much-loved popcorn can cause the wires to break, so it should be consumed very carefully during the treatment.

While there is no problem in daily foods, such as meat dishes, carelessly biting meat with bones can cause breakage in the wires.

Hard candies can also cause damage to the wires if accidentally bitten.

After talking about so many things, the general opinion of patients is that the wires can break during brushing. However, this information is not correct and the wires are not damaged during brushing. In fact, a patient who receives fixed orthodontic treatment needs two or three times better, that is, longer and more detailed brushing than a person without braces.

Food residues, especially sticky foods, stay between the wires and form a layer that must be cleaned. If brushing is not done well in this way, this situation both reduces the success of the treatment and may cause unwanted caries at the end of the treatment.

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