What Should I Do Before the Exam?

1) The fear of corona was added to the stress of the exam, unfortunately, this process had negative effects on the students who will take the exam. So how should parents manage this process a few days before the exam? How can they help children minimize their anxiety level?

First of all I want to indicate; Our young people are our precious, the architects of our future. The exams they will take are just a step in shaping the lives of our young people. It is not their entire life.

Although the pandemic process we are going through sometimes makes us tired, it has contributed a lot in meeting ourselves and determining our goals correctly. Our young people who will take the exam every year experience an anxious process. Of course, the anxiety of our young people who will take the exam during the pandemic process will be a few clicks more than usual, and this is not a very abnormal process. In this process, the biggest supporter of our youth is their family. Young wants to see his family stand by, believe in and support him.

Of course, there is as much anxiety in families as young people who will take the exam, and the anxiety of the family is contagious. Again, the tension experienced by the family in this process is easily transmitted to the young person. Therefore, before the child, the family; should control their anxiety with the right strategies, should not put pressure on them, should not compare, should not have conflicts with the youth, should not expect the young person to study at any time, should not have high expectations, should not express their university or career preferences instead of the young person, should communicate well with the young person, and focus on the strengths of the young person. . “You did your best, you worked hard enough” etc. to motivate him. should be in the statements. “I trust you very much, I know you will do the best, don’t let us down, let our efforts not go to waste.” etc. should be avoided.

2) While I was taking the exam, ‘What should I do before the exam?’ I’ve watched a lot of videos titled. I received advice such as wash your hands and take a deep breath. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to implement such recommendations this year. What advice would you give to students who will take the exam in this period to get away from stress?

-It is useful if “What should I do before the exam, what should I do” does not contain intense anxiety, does not cause pessimism and hopelessness. And I will not advise any of our young people to stay away from stress ☺ The only thing I will recommend is that they take their stress under control and try not to suppress their anxiety.

Stress is not as harmful as we think. On the contrary, stress is beneficial. Stress; it helps us to survive, keeps our motivation alive, increases our performance, provides the ability to manage time, helps us to keep control of life.

-I would also like to advise our young people: to trust themselves and to enact positive scenes before their eyes.

Namely; Instead of negative scenes such as “I can’t, I won’t succeed”, “I did my best and I’ll win x…” etc.

-I advise them not to forget that the exam will not be a shaper of their personality, but a tool to measure their knowledge.

-Sleep and eating habits should not be confused with the routine.

-Pre-exam breathing exercises and relaxation exercises can also be done to control stress.

3) What time should one go to sleep the night before the exam and get up on the exam day? Can you talk a little bit about what should be considered on the exam day, nutrition and sleep patterns?

-Personal agenda should be removed from the exam. You can watch a funny movie, read a fun book or magazine.

– It would be useful to stop studying for the exam on the last day.

– It is necessary to chat with people who do not increase the level of anxiety and not to talk about the exam.

-Sleep and meal routine should not be confused.

If possible, it may be beneficial to take a walk in calm and oxygenated places.

– It is necessary to avoid heavy meals in the evening before the exam.

-Preparing the documents that should be with us at the time of the exam in the evening can eliminate the rush that may occur in the morning.

– It may be good to take a warm shower before going to bed.

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