What should be done to prevent excessive sweating?

Why does the body sweat?

Body sweating can be divided into physiological and psychological sweating. Psychological sweating is a mechanism. When the body temperature rises, it is a response to lower it. It is also a reaction in which toxins are expelled. Sweating is a very healthy and necessary mechanism. It tries to maintain the internal and external temperature difference.

Causes of excessive sweating

-Excessive and irregular nutrition
-Excessive secretion of thyroid hormone
-Estrogen level changes during menopause
Diseases of the adrenal gland
-High or low blood sugar
Some drugs and hormones used in cancer treatment

To prevent excessive sweating

People who sweat excessively do not feel well. Psychological problems may arise. They isolate themselves from many social environments. They come to the stage of losing their self-confidence and think that they are attracting attention. It also causes excessive odor as it facilitates bacterial growth. This may cause discomfort to people. There are basic factors that should be applied to get rid of these mental and physical problems. If you want to prevent excessive sweating, choose light-colored, loose and cotton clothes. You can apply powder and solution to your excessive sweating area. Try to keep the area where you spend your daily life cool. You have to eat according to the climatic conditions. Hot and alcoholic beverages increase sweating. Avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water. You should stay away from foods that aggravate the smell of sweat. You can refresh your body with daily warm showers. Try to stay away from stressful environments.

Over-sweating treatment

Before starting treatment, the cause of this problem should be determined. First of all, the patient’s weight status is examined. The medications he takes and the ailments, if any, are reviewed. It is the first recommended simple treatment to the patient. This problem is tried to be eliminated with antiperspirant drugs, ointments and sprays. In cases where this method does not help, surgical treatment is applied. This treatment should be applied by a plastic surgeon. Botox, which has been used for aesthetic purposes all over the world in recent years, is used as a treatment for excessive sweating. In armpit sweating, hand and foot sweating, Botox treatment can reduce the stimuli that cause sweating in that area for a certain period of time. The effect is not permanent. It is applied in the form of injections with needles under and under the skin of the areas that sweat excessively. Since the pain will be excessive in hypersensitive areas, a substance injection is made under local anesthesia or anesthetic agents can be applied topically to these areas before botox injection. After the necessary numbness is achieved, Botox can be applied to areas with excessive sweating. Decreased sweating occurs within 1 week. It does not pose any other problem other than mild redness and pain. Very rarely, allergic conditions may occur. Therefore, the operation should be performed by an experienced esthetician under appropriate conditions. If you have a problem of excessive sweating and you are uncomfortable with it, this treatment is recommended to you by the physicians. It has no negative effects on health. Generally, positive results were obtained from the patients.

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