What Pre-Treatments Can Be Applied Before IVF Treatment?

What is IVF treatment?

In IVF treatment; The fertilization process, which is carried out in the tubes in the genital organ of the expectant mother, is imitated in the laboratory environment. Fertilization of female egg cell and male sperm cell outside the body is ensured under special laboratory conditions. When fertilization occurs, the embryos obtained are left to develop for a while in the laboratory environment. The development of the embryo is monitored step by step. Then, the embryo or embryos with the highest probability of pregnancy are selected and placed in the uterus.

What couples should consider before treatment

In IVF treatment, since the needles will be applied to the expectant mother and the follow-ups will be carried out on the expectant mother; It is important that he is ready for this treatment both mentally and physically. Here are the things that parents-to-be should pay attention to before treatment:

  • Since smoking and alcohol use in IVF treatment will reduce the success rate, smoking and alcohol use should be stopped at least 2 months before starting the treatment.

  • Since the use of caffeine will also reduce the chance of success; Consumption of foods and beverages such as tea, coffee, chocolate, cola should be reduced. For example, coffee consumption should not exceed two cups a day. Coke and chocolate consumption should be limited.

  • Folic acid is a B group vitamin and is responsible for the healthy development of the baby’s spinal cord and brain structure. It is recommended that the expectant mother start using folic acid and B12 at least one and a half months before starting IVF treatment.

  • Before treatment, especially blood count should be done, thyroid hormones should be checked, and whether the body is immune to rubella virus should be investigated.

  • Tests for the jaundice virus should be done.

  • If there is a family history of diabetes, fasting blood sugar should be checked.

  • If a smear test has not been performed in the last six months, it should be done before starting the treatment.

  • . Before treatment, the amount of vitamin D in the body should be checked and its deficiency should be eliminated.

  • Stomach discomfort or heart valve problem should be investigated before treatment.

  • Quality sleep patterns should be provided and melatonin secretion should be supported.

  • The expectant mother should plan her daily life and work hours during the treatment. Since intensive control is required for the first 15 days when IVF treatment is started, this period should be taken if necessary.

  • As a precaution against IVF failures, it should be investigated whether the mother and father-to-be have genetic or systemic diseases, especially chromosome analysis, genetic coagulation factors and immunological researches.

  • If there are chromosomal problems in men or women, preimplantation genetic screening tests should be performed before embryos are selected for transfer, and embryos with normal structure selected here should be transferred.

  • If the expectant mother has intrauterine disorders, these disorders should be treated with hysteroscopy or laparoscopy before in vitro fertilization treatment.

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