What parents need to know about scoliosis. (more…)

If I have scoliosis, will my children have it too?

About 30% of patients with idiopathic scoliosis have a family history. Scoliosis is considered a partially genetic condition. Doctors have identified several genes associated with scoliosis, but they don’t know exactly which genes can cause it. Comprehensive studies have been carried out on this subject and are continuing.

Will my child’s bad posture cause scoliosis?

Poor posture does not cause scoliosis. Scoliosis may be the cause of your child’s poor posture, especially if he tends to lean to one side.

Does leg length difference cause curvature or worsen existing curvature?

Leg length difference does not cause scoliosis. However, if this difference is large, the curvature will appear larger due to the tilt of the pelvis when the patient is standing.

Do sports activities or heavy backpacks cause scoliosis?

Sports activities and heavy backpacks do not cause or worsen scoliosis. However, heavy backpacks can develop back pain. If there is back pain, it is recommended to lighten the load. Children should carry backpacks with straps on both shoulders.

Does scoliosis cause injury?

Idiopathic scoliosis does not cause an injury or trauma.

Could I prevent scoliosis?

Your chances of getting scoliosis are likely determined by your genetic makeup. Because the causes of idiopathic scoliosis are not fully understood, it is difficult to determine how to prevent it. In terms of genetic causes, there is little proven information about a child’s predisposition to scoliosis.

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