What men should know and practice during pregnancy

Structural and psychological changes in women during pregnancy, which is one of the most special periods in the lives of spouses, also affect the attitudes and behaviors of men.
With the onset of pregnancy, under the influence of increasing hormone levels in women, chest tightness, mild low back pain, drowsiness are just a few of the first changes reflected in men. The first approach to nausea and sometimes vomiting, which is more intense in many women in the morning, is not to eat oily, to stay away from smelly environments (including the smell of cigarettes! ), to eat plenty of water, to eat less than three meals, not six meals … You can feel how the life at home will begin to change here!
A pregnant woman with nausea should not get out of bed quickly and should have a snack while in bed. Recommended in many foreign books;(men bring breakfast to bed!)
The threat of miscarriage in the pregnancy process of couples more than enough It is something they fear. In fact, one in ten pregnancies ends in miscarriage. But it is an undeniable fact that more than 60% of the children who fall in the first three months have chromosomal anomaly (crippled baby).
In cases where there is no bleeding and pain during pregnancy, there is no harm in sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse is allowed in cases where there is no additional risk determined 5-6 days after the bloody discharge has passed.
It is important for the spouses to go to the pregnancy follow-ups together as long as the working conditions are suitable, and to evaluate together the positive and negative conditions that they will encounter during the pregnancy examinations. It should not be forgotten how sensitive, sensitive and touchy the pregnant woman is due to the increased hormone levels during pregnancy. But we must emphasize that small, simple things can make the pregnant woman very happy.
Disability is detected in about three out of a hundred babies. Even if there is no consanguineous marriage, the doctor should be informed about the inherited diseases in the families of both parties.
Mediterranean anemia carrier is suspected when the MCV value is below 80 (especially in 3-4% of the population in the Aegean region) in the blood test we want to evaluate the anemia, which we call hemogram, at the beginning of pregnancy. If Mediterranean anemia (thalassemia) carrier is detected in the pregnant woman your wife must be as soon as possible. It is recommended to have the necessary blood tests (hemogram first, if necessary, Hemoglobin electrophoresis). If the man is also a carrier, the probability of the baby having mediterranean anemia is one in four, and chorionic villus sampling (taking a piece from the placenta to be formed) should preferably be done before the end of three months. If the presence of Mediterranean anemia is proven in the baby, the pregnancy is terminated by abortion.
When the first trimester of pregnancy is over, the gender of the future baby is a matter of curiosity. I think most of us know that it is the sperm of the male that determines whether the baby is male or female. Half of the millions of sperm reaching the uterus during sexual intercourse carry female (x) and half male (y) chromosomes. The egg carries only the female (x) chromosome. If the male sperm fertilizes the egg, the baby will be male, and if the female sperm reaches the egg, the baby will be female. In short, if there is a situation to cry about, which should not be in our age anymore. Not Hürrem Sultan, but Suleiman the Magnificent should cry!
While taking care of nutrition during pregnancy, it should not be exaggerated. Generally, as soon as pregnancy is learned, suggestions and warnings about nutrition begin to come from the immediate environment. You are pregnant, you are bisexual…, you should eat more…, you should start drinking lots of milk right away…, etc. Unfortunately, these suggestions are not true even though they are well-intentioned.
From the 16th week, when the baby’s ossification intensifies, one liter of dairy products should be consumed per day (milk, banana milk, yoghurt, ayran, pudding etc.).
Where does the weight gained during pregnancy go?
At the time of birth, the baby averages 3-4 kilos, placenta (wife) 900 gr, the water in which the baby swims (900 gr), the weight of the growing uterus is 900 gr, the increase in blood fluid is a few kilograms, the breasts grow and a total weight of 9-12 with an increase in body fat If half a kilo is gained per week during the 40-week pregnancy, 20 kilos will be gained at the time of delivery. We should not forget that a glass of water is 200 g and we should warn the pregnant woman not to overdose.
In the first 24 weeks, the increase in body weight should not exceed 4-5 kilograms, and then around half a kilo of weight should be gained per week.
The total daily intake of pregnant women is 2300 calories. We have to consider that with a large snack plate full of nuts, peanuts, we would get 5000 calories. While we can get 500 calories with a bowl of pudding, we can burn 500 calories with an hour of walking.
While the uterus is growing rapidly, the stretching of the ligaments causes groin and lower back pain and cramps in the legs. We men should know that the most important causes of these are fatigue and stress. In the treatment of leg cramps, besides calcium and magnesium, leg massage also has an important place. Considering that leg cramps can wake up pregnant women at three in the night, we should consider that their spouses may be sleep deprived for massage!
The chance of preterm birth in the last three months of pregnancy is about one in ten. We must say that stress is the most important factor triggering preterm birth. During this period, fatigue, heavy lifting, and staying away from travel are among the factors that we need to take precautions. It is recommended to use a condom during sexual intercourse, because prostaglandin in the semen can contract the uterus and trigger premature birth. Just as the uterus contracts while breastfeeding, nipple stimulation can affect uterine contraction.
Let’s emphasize that sexually transmitted diseases, herpes (herpes) and genital warts during pregnancy will affect the time of birth and mode of delivery. Condom protects against many sexually transmitted diseases. But!!! It does not always protect against other types of HPV virus that can cause genital warts and cervical cancer.
Low-weight babies are common in mothers who smoke. In addition, we need to consider premature birth, insufficient immune system of the baby and frequent respiratory tract infections in childhood. It is worth emphasizing the disadvantages of the prospective father smoking in the presence of the mother.
What we are talking about; Just a small part of what men should know and practice during pregnancy… Let’s not forget how important it is for spouses to show the necessary care and love for their babies, their most valuable product, while they are still in the womb.
With my love and respect

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