What kind of diet and lifestyle should we adopt and what should we do to avoid getting breast cancer?

The increasing frequency of human nightmare to breast cancer We now know that our lifestyle and daily diet are important to avoid getting caught, and that there are many things we can do to avoid getting caught. As with many types of cancer, we should stay away from a sedentary life and include sports, exercise and walking in our lives in order to avoid breast cancer. We should never stop following our weight and stay away from obesity and fat. If there is, we should lose the excess weight as soon as possible. We should avoid excess carbohydrates and pastries as much as possible, we should prefer Mediterranean cuisine, which is mainly based on fresh vegetables and fruits, liquid oils are preferred, and we should stay away from high-calorie foods with oily frying. We should stay away from foods containing harmful additives. We should measure all our necessary vitamin levels, especially our vitamin D levels, and supplement them if necessary, under the supervision of a physician. We should drink plenty of water daily and get our sleep. We should not exceed the harmful level in alcohol intake. We should stay away from stressful and tense life as much as possible, at least we should allocate sufficient time intervals for ourselves to rest calmly. We should meticulously avoid cigarettes, smoke and other carcinogens. We should stay away from long-term and uncontrolled use of hormonal drugs. We should avoid unnecessary radiation and radioactive areas. If we are going to have a child, we should not leave it to advanced ages and breastfeed as much as necessary. We should learn to breast self-exam and do our breast and armpits as recommended, every month with courage. Perhaps most importantly, we should not say that it is nothing when we detect a change, and we should inform our breast surgeon of every suspicious finding. Even if everything is normal, we should see a breast surgeon regularly every year and follow his recommendations. We should have periodic breast screenings, mammography, ultrasound and breast examinations, which are recommended according to our current total risk calculation according to our age, habits, family data, genetic structure, diseases, and living conditions, without interruption. If our current risks in the family, our genetic test results, or our overall lifetime risk of developing breast cancer are very high, and if surgical measures such as risk-reducing drug treatments or evacuation of both breasts are recommended according to our age, we should discuss this in detail with our breast surgeon. We should seek advice from cancer councils.

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