What is Zirconium Prosthesis? How is it done?

Zirconium, one of the technological and aesthetic materials of today’s dentistry; Crowns are frequently used in bridge construction. It has advantages such as being biologically compatible, having a color close to the color of the tooth, and removing less material from the tooth. However, these advantages do not mean that we will make every fixed prosthesis from zirconium. As a result of criteria such as the patient’s tooth color, the amount of space in the place to be made, and the patient’s orthodontic condition, we decide on the type and material of the prosthesis to be made for our patients.

When the choice is in favor of zirconium; A stepped cut is made in the relevant tooth and the cut roughness is corrected and the cut tooth is made ready for measurement. The important thing here is to ensure the parallelism of the teeth. The measurements of both jaws are taken, and the temporary prosthesis that the patient will use until the end of the prosthesis is produced and adhered.
At the end of the rehearsal stages, the prosthesis, which is approved by the patient and the physician, is attached and the patient begins to use it.

At this stage, we have some recommendations for our patients. These:

1. Not eating for 1 hour,

2. He did not use the prosthesis side much that day,

3. Start with soft foods, move on to hard foods later,

4. If there is an overlooked height or roughness, we recommend that you consult your doctor immediately.

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