What is Venous Insufficiency?

What is venous insufficiency The question often comes up. As is known, veins also have valves. These are called valves. The task of the valves is to prevent the backflow of blood and to act as a barrier there. If the valves are also troubled, the flow of blood to the heart is impaired. This condition is called venous insufficiency. As a result, the veins become prominent and varicose veins appear. What is venous insufficiency must know. It is a common ailment today.

Veins are very important. It has an essential function in the body. The dirty blood in the body is carried to the heart. From there it goes to the lungs and is cleaned. Venous insufficiency causes blood to flow in the opposite direction, not towards the heart. To summarize what is venous insufficiency, it is the name given to all kinds of discomfort and valve problems experienced in the veins. Varicose veins cannot function as a valve and leakage occurs. Blood cannot go to the heart. It is necessary to know why venous insufficiency occurs.

Causes of Venous Insufficiency

What is venous insufficiency And you need to know why it occurs. Some of the reasons are as follows;

• Having varicose disease

• Using birth control pills for a long time and having side effects as a result

• Congenital venous insufficiency

• Vascular occlusion and deterioration in the internal structure of the vessels (phlebitis)

• Weakness of the muscles

• Genetic venous insufficiency

• Smoking and alcohol use

• Being over 50 years old

• Situation in pregnancy

• Having a blood clot in the veins

Venous Insufficiency Treatment

What is venous insufficiency There are many options for those who are wondering how to treat. First of all, it is examined what the cause of the disease is. It is also important how much damage is done. It is recommended that these patients use stockings. As pressure is applied continuously, blood flow is regulated. If administered correctly, the effects of venous insufficiency may be reduced. Apart from this, drug therapy is applied. The use of diuretics is important. It reduces swelling in the legs.

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