What is varicocele?


Varicocele is defined as the enlargement of the veins that receive blood from the testicles. Although it can be bilateral, it is most commonly seen on the left. Varicocele is a slowly developing condition and is present in 15-20% of men. In men with infertility complaints, this rate is approximately 40%. It most commonly affects men aged 15-30 years. Over 40 is rare.


  • Feeling of dragging or pain in the bag
  • Feeling of sagging in the bag
  • Shrinking of testicles
  • Feeling like a worm by hand with enlarged veins in the bag


Diagnosis is usually made by examination of the bag. Enlarged veins can be seen on USG. Especially when the patient is strained, the descending of the veins can be seen more clearly.

Treatment should it be done? Shouldn’t it?

In a recently published review study, it is not recommended to remove varicocele for resolution of infertility. In other words, removing the varicocele will not help you have a baby. You would have had the surgery for nothing. However, if it disrupts the bag aesthetically and causes pain, it is beneficial to remove the varicocele.


If treatment is required, it can be removed by surgery. Enlarged veins can be occluded with the embolization method.

Embolization technique

A lotImportant warning

Removal of varicocele in couples who want to have children it is useless.

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