What is vaginismus? why does it happen? treatment

Vaginismus is a common sexual dysfunction in women. It is common to occur in two out of every 100 women. Vaginismus is a condition where involuntary muscle spasm of the muscles surrounding the vaginal entrance creates an obstacle to vaginal intercourse or other entrances of the vagina, causing intercourse to take place in a very painful and painful way. This often puts sexual intercourse in a difficult situation. Vaginismus begins at the first intercourse and occurs against the will of women. In addition to the problems experienced during sexual intercourse, women also have difficulties in situations such as fingers, suppositories and gynecological examinations. Women with vaginismus disease cover their legs during intercourse and cannot have intercourse. vaginismus ; There are two types as primary and secondary vaginismus. Primary vaginismus is a condition in which women contract against anything that may enter the vagina. Secondary vaginismus is the vaginal fear experienced after trauma (abortion, miscarriage, childbirth, etc.).


Vaginismus is caused by two main problems, psychological and structural. A large part of this disease is caused by psychological reasons. We can list the psychological reasons as follows; first night, hymen and While the concepts of honor are caused by the combination of the concepts of honor, the pain and suffering of women during sexual intercourse, exposure to rape, sexual abuse (domestic relationship), seeing the parents having sexual intercourse, traumas, the woman’s feeling of inadequacy, incompleteness, stress and anxiety. structural reasons; We can list the causes such as short vagina, structural changes in the hymen, infection.


Vaginismus is a disease that can be treated definitively. First of all, it is very important for the client to accept this disease for the course of treatment. First of all, he should be examined by a gynecologist and have it checked whether it is caused by a structural problem. Depending on the result, the causes of sexual reluctance should be investigated by a psychologist and psychiatrist specialized in sexual therapy. By applying the necessary treatment methods by the expert team, the client is provided with a healthy, comfortable and happy sexual life.

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