What is vaginismus and what are its symptoms?

When attempting to enter the vagina, with the continuous and involuntary contraction of the muscles at the entrance of the vagina
Anxieties and fears related to entry together. Since this contraction is involuntary, the woman
does not do it himself. This includes contractions in various parts of the body, sometimes in the whole body, often
closing of the legs, pushing, fear, pain, aches, sometimes trembling, sweating, breathing problems,
It may be accompanied by symptoms such as crying, nausea, or even vomiting. Many contractions in the vagina
It prevents sexual intercourse in women. In a small part, even if forced entry is painful and
it becomes painful.

What is the incidence of vaginismus?
The incidence of vaginismus, the studies on this subject in different cultural structures.
may differ greatly from each other due to the
It is more common in our country and in other traditional cultures than in western countries.
known. It is the most common among all female sexual dysfunctions in studies conducted in the West.
decreased sexual desire, and all sexual functions seen in our country
Among the disorders, vaginismus ranks first with a rate varying between 43-73%.
appears to have received.

How is the treatment of vaginismus?
The scientifically proven treatment method for vaginismus today is sexual intercourse.
Because of the very high success rates in patients who comply with the treatment, this problem is
It is important to be recognized and directed to specialists trained in this subject. sexual therapy
is the best and most rapidly responding sexual dysfunction with appropriate sexual therapy.
almost 100% improvement.

The treatment ends in two-three months, six-eight sessions. Improved with one or two meetings and counseling
There may be mild cases as well as difficult cases that require long-term treatment. Psychiatric
illness, depression, anxiety disorder, and additional male sexual problems complicate the treatment.

What is erectile dysfunction?
Erectile dysfunction, also known as erectile dysfunction
inability to achieve an erection until sexual activity is completed in almost all of them, and
inability to maintain or insufficient erection. This problem occurs during each sexual activity.
It can occur only during certain sexual activities.

What is the incidence of erectile dysfunction?
Although the studies in the world differ, the frequency of erectile dysfunction increases with age.
increasing. It is known that it reaches 50% between the ages of 40-70. In Turkey
According to a study conducted, the frequency of erectile dysfunction was found to be 69.2%.
Since this situation is seen as an emergency, it prevents sexual intercourse.
application frequency is increasing.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?
There are many interrelated factors in the emergence and maintenance of erectile dysfunction.
factor is known. These causes can be divided into organic and psychogenic.
The intertwining of psychogenic and organic causes in many cases, difficulties in differential diagnosis
can create. Although erectile dysfunction occurs due to an organic cause,
It usually causes performance anxiety in the person, leading to further progression of the disease.
can open.
Physical causes of erectile dysfunction include high blood pressure, blood lipid
height (hyperlipidemia), diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, low testosterone,
hypothyroidism, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, surgical interventions such as prostate surgery, medication
use, alcohol and substance use.
Performance anxiety, psychosocial stressors, depression, anxiety as psychogenic causes
count the defects.

How is erectile dysfunction treated?
If organic causes are considered, investigations to lead to diagnosis and differential diagnosis
Treatment appropriate for the underlying cause (drug treatments, penile injection)
treatments, vacuum application and penile prostheses).
If there is an erection problem due to psychogenic reasons, an experienced psychiatrist
and sexual therapy by psychologists.

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