What is Vagina Tightening?

Vaginoplasty, also known as vaginoplasty, is an operation on quality of life and sexual life performed at the request of the patient.

What is the basis of vaginal tightening?

The decision of this surgery should be made after a very careful and careful urogynecological-pelvic floor examination. First of all, the patient should be uncomfortable with the width of the vagina. The vaginal tightening recommendation I want to emphasize here is not a decision to be made with the opinion of the surgeon. Just like the nose, eyebrow and ear structure, if the patient is not disturbed by this situation, advice should not be offered. On the contrary, in some cases, the patient may request vaginal tightening, but a normal vaginal structure can be observed in the pelvic floor examination. At such times, it should be suggested that the patient should reconsider the surgery.

Why is vaginal tightening not done for everyone?

Vaginal tightening is an operation aimed at providing anatomical, functional and aesthetic well-being. Objective and subjective success cannot be achieved even if one of the steps is missing. For example, the patient may experience very serious pain during sexual intercourse with the vagina, which looks very aesthetic in the postoperative examination, or may not be able to achieve full penile penetration and sexual intercourse in the direction. As in this example, anatomical and aesthetic well-being was achieved, but functional well-being was not achieved. Patients who develop excessive stenosis after surgery may need reoperation, and these second surgeries are much more difficult than narrowing surgery. Or, the state of satisfaction after vaginal tightening may take a very short time and the patient may need surgery again. In this example, functional and aesthetic well-being was achieved, but anatomical well-being was not achieved.

What is the process of vaginal tightening surgery?

The patient is hospitalized for 1 or 2 days. Controls are made in the 1st week and 1st month of the surgery. A sexual prohibition is recommended for 1 month until the stitches heal.

Is it possible to get pregnant after vaginal tightening?

There is no problem in conceiving after surgery, but vaginal delivery can be difficult. When the time of delivery comes, cesarean may have to be recommended due to many other factors. Another warning is that pregnancy itself can cause changes in the female pelvic floor, in this case, it may cause a decrease in postpartum satisfaction, albeit partially. Therefore, if the patient is very determined to accept the demands of patients who do not expect a baby in the future, both by having vaginal tightening and getting pregnant, all possible possibilities should be discussed with the patient.

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