In short, the vaginal muscles involuntarily during sexual intercourse, against the will of the person.
It is a sexual problem that makes sexual intercourse by contraction impossible. put something in our eyes
If we want to, our body will suddenly react and our eyes will close, the same situation can be said in the vagina.
subject. It synchronizes with the vaginal muscles and the person’s body, and the penile entrance is a danger, fear or pain.
perceives it as an object to be heard and prevents the relationship. The most common sexual intercourse in women in our country
one of the dysfunctions. It is a problem that is solved 99% of the time in the process of sexual therapy. Average 8-12
resolved in one session.

In the sexual therapy process in vaginismus, first the couples and then a separate evaluation process are entered.
Afterwards, a treatment plan is created during this treatment process, generally cognitive sexual adjustments, sexual
exercises, love games etc. behavioral assignments. In this process, the healthiest solution is for couples to therapy.
to join together.

With sexual therapy, couples do not only solve vaginismus, they can experience a healthy and beautiful sexuality, love
Recognizing their own bodies while playing games is an important process for getting to know your partner’s body.

For clients with little time, this problem can be solved in 3-4 days with intensified sexual therapy.

If the couples resolve vaginismus in an unhealthy way, sexual intercourse as many women experience in the future.
can cause reluctance.

When we examine the sexual therapy literature outside our country, vaginismus is defined as follows;
painful and painful sexual intercourse by involuntary contraction of the muscles at the entrance of the vagina
Perceiving it as impossible is called vaginismus.

In fact, there is nothing more natural than the fact that women have vaginismus in Turkish society. Think about
Since your childhood, you have been told “constantly close your leg, do not open it, cover it, it will hurt at night, it will bleed, it will be very
it hurts, the blood will lead to floods” look at the boy next to you, this will hurt a lot, etc. world
Be a woman who grew up with so many legends, the wedding is being held, the groom and the bride are in the middle.
they know you will do it and they are talking. A lot
question mark and this is a husband who wants to do it immediately with panic, because there is a fear that it will come down, the girl’s vagina is ready
not a penis trying to be inserted in a dry place, the legends in the girl’s head come to life right away
Fears of pain, bleeding, tearing come into play, and the brain rightly shuts down the entire system and
It protects the vagina. And on the girl’s side, the fears of whether she will be a virgin or bleed are added. This much
With unhealthy sexual information, you are in vaginismus, ejaculate early, erection problems also occur,
in sexual reluctance. And unfortunately, marriages also break down.


Symptoms often show themselves with the first experience.

Signs of intense excitement before intercourse are feelings of anxiety, fear, anxiety, restlessness, etc. It will hurt,
thoughts that will hurt, tear, bleed and never stop…
A number of physical and emotional reactions such as excessive excitement, trembling, contraction experienced during intercourse.
Behavior of closing the whole body against the partner and pushing the partner (called lock-in by the couples)
After intercourse, the decrease in sexual desire and emotional satisfaction, Guilt, self-esteem
The feeling of hatred that he started to feed, disappointment…


Diagnostic criteria for psychological diseases accepted by the American Psychiatric Institution in DSM-IV
book ) vaginismus is classified as a sexual dysfunction and is a subset of sexual pain disorders.
included in the category.

-Main diagnostic criteria; “Recurrent or persistent, involuntary and sexual intercourse in the muscles of the outer third of the vagina”
It is the “spasm” that prevents the relationship.

-Vaginal muscle spasm, easily observable and in some cases severe enough to cause pain or
defined as long term.

Although vaginismus is considered a sexual pain disorder, it is necessary to use pain for its diagnosis.
It doesn’t need to happen.

–International Association for the Study of Pain – Pain Classification; vaginismus dimensional pain disorders
included in the category.


In clinical studies and case reports conducted abroad, the incidence of this condition is between 12% and 17%.
were found to vary between The incidence in countries is cultural and individuals’ psychosocial
relates to their lives.

In our country, the incidence is quite high. Private and public institutions providing sexual therapy services
It is seen that 60% of the women applying with the complaint of vaginismus. treatment for this condition
We can also include women who do not seek Another feature of vaginismus is avoidance and delay.
that is the problem. In general, treatment is avoided. As the reason, the concept of sexuality and
Talking about sexual problems is considered shameful, sinful, forbidden, shameful.


There are two types of vaginismus: primary, secondary and atypical.

Primary: Briefly, vaginismus is mostly psychic-based during sexual intercourse.
It is defined as the impossibility of contracting the independent vaginal muscles. Involuntary
This situation is experienced at a mild and moderate level for the first time and is painful and painful in a way that does not allow intercourse.
it is painful. This condition is called Primary Vaginismus. In this case, the person never has sexual intercourse in his life.
has not experienced. The biggest reason is anxiety and fears of psychological origin.

Secondary: Having never experienced vaginismus symptoms before, then some traumatic experiences
It is rare and developed due to the result of birth (birth, miscarriage, abortion, traumatic gynecological examination, etc.).
The condition is called Secondary Vaginismus.

Atypical vaginismus, on the other hand, is a disease of unknown psychic or organic cause.
vaginismus typing. Looking at the case history, any oddities in family and cultural dynamics
there is none. My level of education is extremely high. Based on the person’s candid statements
In his history, vaginismus appears for an unknown reason.


Considering the saying that everyone has a story, case examples tell us that:
shows that every vaginismus case has a number of unique causes. In case histories and
Examples of common reasons listed below are seen.

The biggest reason is the lack of sexual knowledge and sexual education, and as a result, wrong learning and cognitive
Psychic anxiety
Exaggerated first night stories: Peer groups in general or authorities such as older sisters, aunts, etc.
directly or indirectly, to the conversations they have had among themselves about their sexual life.
be in the form of being addressed. The content of these conversations included in the first night is usually hearsay and
wrong exaggerated information. (it hurt a lot, the bleeding didn’t stop until the morning, they hardly brought him to the hospital.
the most direct exposure of the conscious and unconscious to information.
and a set of psychoanatomical responses developed as a result of unconditional acceptance.
The perception of the hymen fed by cultural subcodes. The hymen is a very valuable thing that needs to be protected.
that the dice are something, and as a result, the dice are overemphasized and sanctified. This problem arises
is one of the reasons why.
An oppressive and authoritarian family structure.
Growing up in environments where the concept of sexuality is not spoken, postponed, shamed and prohibited.
Growing up in an environment where sex is taught to be bad and dirty
Traumatic sexual experiences (harassment, rape, sexual violence, incest, etc.)

oedipal conflict or oedipal complex
Improved fears of the first night
obsessive borderline personality constructs
fear of getting pregnant
Passive, dependent, overly tolerant and agreeable mate typing
The most direct suggestions that expose the person to false cognitive construction and learning during childhood (
Sit right, cover your legs, cover your skirt etc.)
Sexual myths (hearing misinformation about sexuality not based on known experience)
Painful and painful gynecological examination
Social life in which extremely strict religious and moral rules are common.
Some infectious conditions and abnormalities cause vaginismus.

When we look at the reasons above, the factors that cause vaginismus are related to psycho, sociocultural causes.
We see that it is relevant. This is because the concept of sexuality is constantly condemned in our society.
It is due to the fact that it is postponed, denied and made into a taboo. sexuality in our country
not providing adequate, healthy and informative sexual education
education consists of a few superficial information written in science and biology books in schools.
Case studies show us that the problems are increasing day by day.


Since women with vaginismus have not had any sexual intercourse before, they generally do not have this problem.
confrontation, after the wedding: at the time known as the wedding night or the first night among the people
it is lived. The unsuccessful experience on the first night is thought to be due to a number of factors: the wedding
stress, fatigue, inexperience, excitement, etc. and the problem will be solved by itself later
considered delayed. But when this situation starts to gain continuity and count where it is, at home
He begins to discuss this issue with his wife constantly. the idea that there is a deficiency in the female partner
begins to form. sadness, distress, tension, guilt, worthlessness, that everything will get worse
thought begins to emerge. The situation is not different for the male partner. His wife does not want him,
It is common to think that he is not loved, rejected, and unable to do anything incompetent. This
Depending on this, men begin to experience feelings of anger, vulnerability, and resentment. natural between spouses
As the fights start to increase, the problems begin to increase.

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