What is tube stomach?

Gastric sleeve surgery (banana stomach, stomach reduction, sleeve gastrectomy) is an operation to create a new stomach in the form of a banana by cutting and removing 80% of it. This surgery is performed with a closed (laparoscopic) method and special devices called staplers are used in the surgery. With stapler, 80% of the stomach is cut and removed after being stapled in 3 rows with titanium staples. These staples in the newly formed stomach are then fused with the body. (Don’t be afraid, there will be no problem when passing detectors in shopping malls and airports)

The aim of this surgery; It is to reduce the volume of the stomach and eat less to ensure satiety and thus to lose weight effectively. There is no change in the location of the organs, only the capacity of the stomach is reduced..

This surgery was first applied to very overweight people in 2001. The aim here was to reduce the risk of an operation such as a duodenal switch to be performed later by weakening the overweight people a little with this surgery. It turned out that in most people, this surgery already provides very effective weight loss and there is no need for a second surgery. At this point, stomach reduction surgeries have become the most frequently performed obesity surgery with a rate of 60% (over 80% in our country) in the world over 20 years.

Although stomach reduction surgery may seem like an easy operation, it includes very important details. Performing this surgery in accordance with certain standards is one of the most important factors affecting postoperative success.

  • 80% of the stomach should be removed in every patient. If you remove less, the patient cannot lose enough weight..
  • your stomach The upper dome called fundus should be removed well. . If this area is not removed well, patients cannot lose weight well and have reflux. Also, hunger cannot be sufficiently suppressed (ghrelin hormone)
  • Particular attention should be paid to the middle region (incisura) of the stomach. Stenosis may occur in this area. In cases where stenosis occurs, solid food cannot be passed for a long time, patients experience frequent vomiting attacks.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the stomach line cut with staples. Bleeding and leaks occur in this line.

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