What is trigger finger-thumb?

It is the opening of the fingers while opening and triggering when forced, with the feeling of jumping.

Who gets trigger finger – thumb ?

Trigger Finger can be seen in everyone, but it is more common in women over the age of 40. In particular, there is a congenital type that holds the thumb.

What causes trigger finger – thumb ?

The tendons (beams) that bend the fingers pass through special rollers in the palm. It occurs as a result of thickening and narrowing of the rollers or regional thickening of the tendon. The tendon becomes trapped in the narrowed pulley and gets caught during the finger bending motion. The tendon, which is compressed by force, is released from the narrowed canal and the finger is opened.

What are the trigger finger – thumb symptoms ?

Initially, it begins as suspicious pains in the palm or base of the thumb. Over time, especially in the mornings, the fingers start to get stuck, but after a while it goes away. As the disease progresses, snags become prominent and painful. It is locked in a natural way with the thumb bent. It cannot be opened by force and causes pain.

How to diagnose trigger finger – thumb ?

The diagnosis of trigger finger is made by the patient’s complaints and examination findings.

How to treat trigger finger – thumb ?

In the early stages, cortisone injection into the palm is beneficial. In advanced cases, treatment is performed with surgery. It is performed with an incision of approximately 1.5 cm made in the palm with regional anesthesia. The patient is discharged on the day of surgery. Trigger finger treatment is hilarious.

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