What is tooth decay, how can I be protected?

Tooth decay; It is actually a preventable disease that occurs as a result of not cleaning the residues left on the teeth by the foods consumed regularly. Especially sugary food residues are converted to acid by naturally existing bacteria in our mouth. These acids cause damage to the enamel layer of the tooth over time and form the beginning of caries.

People who do not pay attention to oral care, consume sugary and acidic foods frequently, individuals with prosthesis in their mouth, people living in areas where drinking water is not fluoridated, and especially pregnant women, children and the elderly are more prone to caries.

The simplest and most effective method to prevent cavities is to do regular oral care. Reducing sugary foods and consuming sugar-free gums to increase saliva flow can also be preferred as an aid. In cases where the tooth enamel is weakened but the caries cavity has not yet formed, the application of fluoride by the dentist will help strengthen the tooth enamel.

As a result of the analyzes to be made, preventive dental treatments are applied to individuals with high caries risk and frequent controls are requested to follow up.

To prevent the formation of tooth decay; The consumption of sugary and acidic foods should be minimized and if possible, they should be avoided as a snack, teeth should be cleaned at least twice a day with the right tooth brushing technique, dental floss should be used once a day, the dentist should be visited every six months without interruption and act in accordance with the recommendations of the dentist. .

A dentist should be consulted for the treatment of existing carious cavities in the mouth. After the dentist removes the tooth tissues affected by caries in this area, he will restore the lost tooth tissue with a filling material suitable for the structure of the area and the mouth.

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