A current issue that comes up when our patients with dental problems are investigated.
became aesthetic dentistry. Alright; what really is this smile design hears you say
we are like! To summarize briefly without going into heavy theoretical knowledge; crooked front teeth, teeth
The process in which we correct the gap and size difference is actually smile design. They say it’s me
So that my teeth are like those of this celebrity, like pearls, but not artificial! here it is
We call the planning process smile design. While designing, the teeth in the mouth like an engineer.
We transfer the image to the computer, we measure, we mow until we reach the most beautiful image.
We are working on the demo. We show the finished image to our patients so that usually you
our patients like your teeth very much 🙂
after looking at their harmony (for example, your speech, your facial features, etc.)
We apply the real version to your mouth.

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