What is therapy

What is Therapy?
There is a negative transference towards the therapy process in society. Today, the person going to therapy still
Unfortunately, there is a section that thinks it is problematic. Who actually goes to therapy, let’s go together
let’s see.
There are two main reasons for seeking therapy. The first is widely known to everyone; a
We are better off with it when we face strain, when we see emotional, physical reactions.
In order to cope, we seek expert support. What are these like panic attacks, anger problem,
such as relationship problems, mental strains, some physical symptoms…
In such cases, a trained therapist is consulted and solution-oriented progress is made. as a problem
When the brought issue is resolved, the therapy ends.
The second reason for applying to therapy is that the person makes sense of himself and his life satisfaction.
a perfect gift for himself to increase, to be understood, and to face his own thoughts.
is an investment. In this therapy, the therapist does not make personal comments or directions. in the right places
intervenes and reflects one’s own thoughts on himself. And this work is long.
takes time. It gives confidence to the person. What the person in this process does is to understand himself. there is a problem
One does this not for the sake of it, but to enjoy life better. It is not an easy process but
The awareness it gives is excellent.
This is something that everyone needs.

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