What is Theraplay ® (attachment-based play therapy)?

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Today, as parents, many of us overlook the most basic and real needs of our children in the hustle and bustle of life, and try to raise them in accordance with the patterns we have created in our minds. We make decisions for them and sometimes treat them like adults. Between our preoccupations, we do not allow ourselves and him the opportunity to establish a healthy relationship with our children.

At this point, Theraplay® emphasizes the relationship between the parent and the child, focusing especially on reconnecting family members with each other and overcoming the problems in the relationship through play. With Theraplay, which is relationship-based, interactive, uses a lot of contact and offers a fun game experience; by establishing an emotional bond between the parent and the child, the child’s self-confidence, the ability to empathize and the ability to get along with other people, at the same time, it provides an opportunity to re-establish a secure attachment. With therapist-structured Theraplay ® sessions, children begin to see themselves as valued and loved, while parents have the opportunity to reflect on and change their own behavior.

Major Fields of Work in Theraplay®:

* Attachment / Relationship Problems

* Parents-Children Experienced Separation in Early Childhood Period

* Self Confidence Issues

* Anger Control Problem

* Trauma Children

*Sexually Abused Children

* Adopted / Fostered Children

* Children with Social Skill Limitations Due to Autism

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