What is the Tomatis Method?

In addition to people who have heard of this method before, there may be people who have not heard of this method yet, and who may wish that they had heard of this method before. Today, I wanted to discuss a scientifically durable method that can be implemented in 75 different countries and also in some countries with the support of the state. In order to understand the Tomatis method, we first need to briefly know the function of the ear, namely the ear. The job of the ear is not just to hear. It is also the center of balance and the most important energy source of the brain. The fact that the ear begins to hear less, and the sound is not transmitted to the ear completely, causes the brain to perceive it incompletely or incorrectly. As a result, in addition to different problems such as learning, fatigue, communication, attention, some syndromes may be experienced. When the right sounds at the right frequency are transmitted to the ear, many problems that can be experienced just the opposite of this situation are prevented. Tomatis is named after the French doctor Alfred Tomatis. The Tomatis method supports the balanced functioning of the right and left ears, good sound analysis and the right ear being more dominant. The right ear is the shortest and fastest way to the left brain. The left brain is analytical and driven by logic. The road to the left ear to the right brain represents more emotional, creative, highly social, empathetic people. The right ear sends what it hears to the hearing center in the left brain. Thus, our perception takes place at the same time as hearing.

So, how is the application made? First of all, the application can be applied to individuals of all ages, starting from the age of 2 and having no hearing problems. A personalized program is designed and a listening program is created. With a special earphone used, a concert is created both from the air and from the bone. In the specially designed concert program, the timbre and intensity of the music create sudden changes, creating unpredictable musical contrasts in the brain. This effect confuses the brain and triggers attention mechanisms. In practice, bone conduction creates a positive effect on the effect and quality of listening, as sound stimuli are transmitted directly to the inner ear, thus preparing the inner ear for airborne transmission. It provides relaxation and stimulates the vestibule and the snail. The stimulation is transformed into an electrical form, and it is transmitted directly to the prefrontal cortex via the auditory center of the brain. The cerebral energy formed in the vestibule and snail also provides spiritual and emotional healing by affecting the energy cycle of the brain. Thus, it can be said that many mental and emotional disorders, especially depression, loss of self-confidence, stress disorders, can be healed with this method.

Usage Areas of the Method;

  • Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder;

  • Attention and focus problems

  • specific learning disability

  • pervasive developmental disorders

  • Supporting reading and comprehension

  • speech problems;

  • emotional disorders

  • motor disorders

  • Exam preparation

  • foreign language acquisition

  • Anxiety (anxiety, fear, tension, distress)

  • lack of concentration

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