What is the secret of a happy marriage?

The first rule is to be happy in your marriage rather than being right. When this is the general idea, we can ignore minor deficiencies and focus on being happy. Let’s be content with what we have and be happy with what we don’t have, let’s not upset ourselves or our spouse, it’s not worth it. If we think that there is no pride in love, I do not apologize, this time he should apologize, the process will take longer and our souls will become more bored, so the aim is to keep the resentment period short and talk calmly after getting over the initial tension. Communication by touch is very effective here. Never get offended in bed, do not spend the night over your resentment, never separate the beds. The main pillar of another family is trust. It is the most important column that keeps the family unity alive and connects it, once you shake it, it will be damaged, and it will harm your family unity as it will take a long time to recover. There should not be anything that you hide from your spouse or lie, not just in the sense of cheating. A lie gives birth to a lie, it becomes an inextricable situation, which becomes a big problem. Keep the communication between the family strong. This communication is not like your own root family, not like with your friends, even the spouses should know the meaning of hurting each other.

If sexuality cannot be regular, its source should be looked at and treated. Except for compulsory situations, you should not be busy with your phone, tablet, computer, you should not watch television in separate rooms, you can watch a program or movie together by limiting, you should share in common. As much as they should have common shares, both couples should have separate private spaces. They should be able to chat with their friends, be allowed to have hobbies, this does not mean that spouses have a private life. Spouses cannot have a private life, secret accounts, secret phones or passwords. Transparency is essential in marriage. You should also set limits to your own family and friends, and you should not tell your family. Spouses should be patient and understanding, you should be each other’s spouse only, not parents or friends. He didn’t expect this from you when he got married. Another point is that if possible, both spouses should work and produce whatever they can, and economic dependence on each other will prepare the ground for other problems. Our children are very precious, but we should not neglect the spouse by putting them at the center of our lives, and we should draw a healthy parent profile in our child.

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