What is the orthodontic examination age?

The first control for orthodontic examination should be done at the age of 7-8 years. With early control, problems that may become more complicated in the future can be prevented. Like this; Preventive, stopper and corrective orthodontic treatments can be applied to ensure that the individual has a healthy jaw development, the correct alignment of permanent teeth, the regulation of lip and tongue functions and the correction of bad habits.

Can orthodontic treatment be applied to adults as well?

Of course. As the rising aesthetic concern and awareness of oral health increases, more and more adults receive orthodontic treatment every day.

Why should you have orthodontic treatment?

– If there is discomfort in the teeth and jaws aesthetically

– If there are psychological problems due to negative influences from the environment, e.g. being the subject of ridicule among children

– Difficulty chewing and biting

– If the teeth cannot be brushed well due to crowding, there may be discoloration and contamination in the teeth.

– Presence of bad breath due to lack of good hygiene

– If bruises occur on the teeth that cannot be reached during brushing

– If you have large gaps between your teeth

– If there is an individual in the family who has had orthodontic treatment before and if you are likely to have an orthodontic genetic predisposition, an orthodontist can be consulted for information and treatment purposes.

balikesir ortodontist

How long is Balikesir Orthodontic treatment?

Balikesir Orthodontic The duration of the treatments varies according to the problem in the patient and the type of treatment to be applied. On average, the treatment takes 1.5-2 years. This period may vary with the patient’s compliance with the treatment. Balikesir orthodonticsThe duration of treatment may vary from patient to patient.

Should I go to the dentist before orthodontic treatment?

Yes. Although dentist controls are routine orthodontic treatment; it should be done every 6 months. Especially before the treatment, teeth and gums should be healthy.

Do braces cause pain?

Since the force is applied to move the teeth after the braces are applied, it is natural to feel some pressure. This passes in a short time and is not severe enough to require the use of painkillers.

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