What is the most successful operation method for varicocele disease?

Varicocele is the blood in the testicles found in approximately 35-40% of those who apply to the doctor with the problem of infertility.
enlargement of the draining veins. Deterioration of testicular temperature and blood flow,
Testicular functions are affected by the accumulation of toxic substances in the testis. This means that the sperm produced in the testis
impairs its number, appearance or mobility. In addition, it also reduces the size of the testicles.
why could it be.
Varicocele is mostly diagnosed during the doctor’s examination in applications made with complaints of infertility.
With normal and straining maneuvers, it can be seen whether there is expansion in the vascular structure. This
Besides, Scrotal Color is used to support the clinical diagnosis, to determine the degree of varicocele and to decide on surgery.
Doppler ultrasonography and Spermiogram analysis are performed (72 hours of sexual abstinence is required for this).
There are different treatment methods for varicocele, but recurrence in surgeries performed with microsurgery method.
The probability of it happening is very low. Testicular veins are reached by entering through a 2 cm incision in the inguinal region.
Under the microscope, the enlarged veins are separated from other veins and ligated.
Microscopic varicocelectomy operation can be performed successfully in our clinic.

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